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The 95/5 Rule

The 95/5 Rule
(Modern – The average prepper has a tendency to prepare for large-scale disasters: food shortages, electromagnetic pulses, natural disasters, and the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) events. Yes, these are valid concerns that are worthy of preparedness, but in reality, these belong in the bottom 5% of all likely emergencies […]

10 Actions to Take Immediately After a Major Emergency

First Things to Do after SHTF
(Modern – Emergency situations can be dangerous, especially when decisions are being made under duress. Stress and panic can lead to deadly mistakes. Establishing a plan of action before facing a disaster of any kind is one way to ensure everyone has the best chance of making it out safely. In the following video, […]

How to Stop Porch Pirates From Ruining the Holidays

How to Stop Porch Pirates From Ruining the Holidays
( – Prior to the pandemic, online shopping was already on the rise. After the pandemic hit, however, this convenient way of purchasing goods from home saw a massive spike. While having products delivered straight to the door saves a trip to the store, it also provides the perfect opportunity for so-called porch pirates to […]

How to Survive an Avalanche

Winter Wonderland CATASTROPHE – How to Protect Yourself! ( – The winter months bring shimmering snow and ice to much of the country. Many people take advantage of these cold conditions by heading out into nature to ski, snowboard, ice skate, and otherwise enjoy the glistening weather. While there are plenty of ways to take […]

Black Friday Scams to Avoid

PROTECT Yourself on Black Friday – Here’s How! ( – Black Friday is arguably the biggest shopping day of the year. People line up in front of stores, waiting for a chance to score big deals when the doors finally open. For those who aren’t into shopping in person, online retailers have now joined the […]

Protect Your Lungs From Wildfire Smoke

5 PROVEN Ways to Protect Your Lungs From This SERIOUS Threat! ( – While some people may think the smoke from a wildfire smells good (campfire, anyone?), it is actually quite dangerous. The smoke is a complex mixture of gases and particles released when materials burn. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the particles are […]

How to Create a Dog Out Bag

How to Create the Ultimate Dog Out Bag
When Disaster Hits, Too Many FORGET Their Pets ( – Dogs make excellent companions and can bring a great deal of joy to their humans’ lives. They can also be staunch protectors when it comes to defending their families. So it makes sense that they should be brought along with the family in the aftermath of […]

The Most Important Survival Tool You Need

The Most Important Survival Tool You Need To Get
This Tool is KEY to Survival – Not What You Think! (Modern – Survival is a state of mind, first and foremost. Being mentally prepared is the key to surviving the unexpected stress of a life-threatening situation. After all, fancy gear and stockpiles of supplies won’t save you if you give up when the going […]

How to Avoid an Encounter With a Bear

6 Tips To AVOID A Dangerous Bear Encounter ( – When enjoying the great outdoors, there is always a chance of coming face-to-face with wildlife. While many people may dream of such an encounter, some creatures are better viewed from afar. As the story above demonstrates, bears can and will invade campsites — and the […]

Everyday Preparedness: Don’t Leave Home Without These

Everyday Preparedness: Don’t Leave Home Without These
NEVER Leave Home Without These – NOT What You Think! ( – Everyday Carry (EDC) is a hot topic for those who take preparation seriously. This consists of the items you keep on your person every day, each time you leave home, and goes beyond a wallet/purse and cell phone. To a survivalist, EDC is […]

Safety Tips for Hunting Season

6 IMPORTANT Safety Tips for the Upcoming Season! ( – Hunting is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. It also provides a path to self-reliance by putting food on the table. While hunting is a popular sport, there are a great many dangers that go hand-in-hand with the activity. With that in […]

Study Reveals The Most Dangerous States to Live In

The Most DANGEROUS States In America Revealed! ( – Regardless of where a person decides to call home, there will always be some kind of danger. However, a study from Outforia has revealed that some places are more dangerous than others — at least when it comes to the local wildlife. The study examined CDC […]

Surviving a Wolf Attack

This ISN’T Man’s Best Friend – How to SURVIVE a Wolf Attack ( – Wolf sightings have increased more as we invade their territory. While it’s unlikely to be attacked by a lone wolf, a pack may be more willing to strike out at you. Even if you’ve never encountered a wolf before, knowing how […]

Surviving Quicksand

Surviving Quicksand
Stepping Into THIS Can Be Deadly – Here’s What You NEED to Know! (Modern – From the likes of The Princess Bride to the Star Wars film franchise, the threat of sinking to certain death in quicksand has been a popular menace in Hollywood for many years now. Hundreds of movies and cartoons have […]

Combat Crisis Fatigue Now

Crisis Fatigue is REAL – Here’s How to FIGHT It ( – The past couple of years have been hard for everyone. The pandemic alone, not to mention food shortages, civil unrest, and political upheaval is enough to grind down even the most hardened survivalist. After so many months of unending chaos, it’s not surprising […]

Foraging for Food in Your Backyard

Foraging for Your Food
Do You Know What’s Growing in YOUR Backyard? (Modern – When the thought of staying supplied with food comes to mind, people often go straight to hunting. Hunting is a great way to get food for yourself, but there aren’t always animals around to hunt. If you know how to forage, you may not […]

Encounter a Shark and Survive

How to survive a shark attack
SHARK ATTACK – 6 Tips to Stay Off the Menu! ( – Humans like to believe they are at the top of the food chain, but sometimes, that simply isn’t true — especially when we enter another predator’s domain. Sharks have evolved for millions of years to become what many consider to be the ultimate […]

How to Avoid Blindly Stepping Into Danger

DANGEROUS Mistakes People Make Every Day… Without Knowing It! ( – Spend any amount of time among survivalists or preppers, and the topic of situational awareness is bound to come up, likely sooner rather than later. These groups know that situational awareness (SA), sometimes called situation awareness, is one of the most important skills a […]

Safety Tips for On the Road

Tens of Thousands DIE Each Year From This – Don’t Be Next! ( – For most people, going to work or the store requires getting behind the steering wheel of an automobile. This time in the car is often filled with music, podcasts, or even talking on the phone as they cruise to their destinations. […]

How to Defend Against a Dog Attack

When Bark Turns to BITE – How to Survive a Vicious Dog Attack! ( – Dog attacks are far more common than many people realize. In fact, according to, roughly 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Should you come face to snout with a vicious dog, do you know how to […]

Tips to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Tips to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Avoid This INVISIBLE KILLER – 5 Tips EVERYONE Should Know! ( – Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning isn’t a threat to be taken lightly. It is lethal, and because the gas is odorless, it can be impossible to detect without the proper equipment. Reports from the CDC indicate that 430 people, on average, die each year […]

How to Escape Duct Tape Bindings

Duct Tape BINDINGS – Could You ESCAPE? ( – Duct tape. It’s cheap and has a thousand and one uses. It’s one of those items that many survivalists stockpile. Unfortunately, duct tape is also used by criminals as a way to restrain their victims. From kidnappings to hostage situations, duct tape is a well-known binding tool. […]

Remember When the US Dropped a Toilet Bowl On the Enemy…

(Modern – Occasionally, history can be stranger than fiction. Such was the case in November of 1965 during the chaos of the Vietnam War. Aboard a VA-25 A-1 Skyraider, CDR Clarence W. Stoddard, Jr. took off from the USS Midway with a rather unusual payload destined for North Korea. In the following video, We […]

State Governor Signs Bill Nixing Concealed Carry Permits

( – Second Amendment advocates have reason to celebrate. Another state has joined the growing list of those that do not require a government-issued permit to carry a concealed firearm. ANOTHER CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY WIN! Ohio is now the 23rd state to sign permitless carry into law. Thank you to @GovMikeDeWine and our pro-2A activists who […]

Man Stabbed On Date Over Iranian General’s Death

( – One can never be too cautious when it comes to meeting a stranger in the real world that they met online. For one man in Las Vegas, this fact became a brutal reality when his date blindfolded him, then proceeded to stab him in the neck with a knife. Woman stabbed date in […]

Russia Claims US Biological Weapons Facilities Found In Ukraine

( – The conflict in Ukraine seems to be far from over. As the days stretch on, disturbing images flash across screens the world over, showing the atrocities of war. Recently, however, Russia announced they’d found something in Ukraine that, if true, might be even more horrific than what the news is showing. A Russian […]

Nuclear Apocalypse Possible Within a Year According to Trends Forecaster

( – Of all the calamities that could befall the earth, none are quite so terrifying as the threat of a global nuclear apocalypse. Unfortunately, according to one expert, there’s an uncomfortably high chance this scenario could play out within the next year. Investment trends forecaster BCA Research says there is a 10 per cent […]

Ukrainian Conflict Leads to Strange Repercussions

( – Since Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the world has responded with outrage. President Joe Biden levied multiple sanctions against Putin’s country, as did NATO. But the retaliation didn’t end there. In fact, private organizations also stepped in, leading to some rather strange consequences. International Cat Federation bans Russian felines from competitions. […]

American Ammunition Manufacturer Offers Aid to Ukraine

( – The Russian invasion of Ukraine is in full swing. Although outmatched and outgunned, the Ukrainian military is putting up a strong fight against Vladimir Putin’s forces. As the conflict stretches on, it becomes more evident that in order to defend themselves, the Ukrainians are going to need help. At least one American arms […]

School Note Leads to Horrific Discovery

( – Children often bring notes from home to their schools. These slips of paper are usually to excuse an absence or request information from a teacher. For one little girl in Las Vegas, however, the note she brought led to a horrific discovery — and an arrest. 💔😥 Las Vegas boy found dead in […]

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