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Dangers of Cooking After a Disaster

Deadly COOKING Mistakes – NOT What You May Think! ( – When a large-scale disaster occurs, be it manmade or an act of nature, life gets turned upside down for everyone in the affected area. Oftentimes, the aftermath of these cataclysmic events is just as bad as (if not worse than) the initial event. Water […]

Take Downs Anyone Can Use

Take-Downs Anyone Can Use
Military Expert Reveals SIMPLE Defense Techniques Anyone Can Use ( – While it is always good to avoid a fight if possible, sometimes an aggressor just refuses to be talked down. They could be drunk, under the influence of mind-altering narcotics or simply having a bad day and looking to take it out on someone. Regardless […]

Tips for Bartering in a Collapsed World

Disaster Plan – Cash Alternatives That Can Keep You Afloat ( – Bartering, or trading goods and services, has been practiced since the beginning of recorded history. Before monetary systems were developed, ancient cultures used bartering to get the food, items, and weapons necessary for survival. While cash may be king now, it will quickly […]

How to Survive an Avalanche

Winter Wonderland CATASTROPHE – How to Protect Yourself! ( – The winter months bring shimmering snow and ice to much of the country. Many people take advantage of these cold conditions by heading out into nature to ski, snowboard, ice skate, and otherwise enjoy the glistening weather. While there are plenty of ways to take […]

How To Choose The Right Clothing For Survival

Survival Clothing
Your Clothing Could GET YOU KILLED – Dead Serious (Modern – Each day when you venture out into the world, your first line of defense against any unforeseen emergency is the clothing you’re wearing. Your clothes shield you from the elements. They also help determine how much attention you draw to yourself as you […]

DIY Emergency Quarantine Room

DIY Quarantine Room
Outbreak CONTROL – How to Prepare for the Next Pandemic ( – Should a truly horrific pandemic grip the globe, one in which tens of millions of people die, hospitals will quickly be pushed beyond capacity. In this horrific situation, knowing how to quickly and efficiently create a quarantine room could mean the difference between […]

Beware of the Black Swan

NIGHTMARE Fuel – Why EVERYONE Should Fear Black Swans ( – For those who have never heard the term “black swan event” before, it might sound strange. But for survivalists, black swan events are the stuff of nightmares — and they have nothing to do with the animal (or could they?). What is a Black […]

Keep a Fire Burning in the Snow

Survival Hack – 2 Ways to Start a Fire in the SNOW (Modern – Starting a fire in the snow isn’t any more difficult than starting any other survival fire. However, keeping the fire burning is harder. Once a fire is established, the underlying snow will begin to melt, extinguishing the embers. Before long, […]

Prepping Basics: 12 Fundamentals of Survival

Top 12 Ways to START Preparing for the Worst (Modern – For many, the last few years have cemented the fact that prepping is essential. If COVID-19 wasn’t enough to convince the masses that preparation is a necessity, the shortages of essential goods and skyrocketing prices likely have. The problem facing new survivalist “converts” […]

How to Hide On the Internet

How to Hide On the Internet
5 Ways to HIDE Online – Cybersecurity Starts HERE ( – Becoming truly anonymous online is a tricky endeavor. Big tech, businesses, government agencies, and hackers are constantly collecting personal information. Whatever the reasons behind gathering this data, internet users have equally good reasons to protect their privacy online. The internet was designed to record […]

A Blizzard Is Coming… Are You Ready?

Blizzard DANGER – Are You Ready? ( -Winter storms can strike hard, bringing subzero temperatures, blackouts, and a host of other dangers. When a blizzard strikes, having the knowledge necessary to survive is vital. The threats the storms pose are serious, and many people die in these situations due to a lack of basic information. […]

Unusual Tales of Missing Hunters

These Hunters VANISHED Into Thin Air! ( – For the average person, getting lost in the wild is an unfortunate but somewhat understandable scenario. Without proper training and preparation, nature can be a cruel mistress. When the missing person is a hunter, however, the situation becomes more intriguing. For starters, most hunters are familiar with […]

Protect Your Lungs From Wildfire Smoke

5 PROVEN Ways to Protect Your Lungs From This SERIOUS Threat! ( – While some people may think the smoke from a wildfire smells good (campfire, anyone?), it is actually quite dangerous. The smoke is a complex mixture of gases and particles released when materials burn. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the particles are […]

Deadly Mistakes Made on the Trail

10 FATAL Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid! ( – Nature is a wonderland of gorgeous views and exciting locations to explore. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people head out on the trails to enjoy time in the wild. Unfortunately, not all of them are adequately prepared for the potential dangers they may face — and some […]

Important Driving Tips to Keep You Safe This Winter

CRITICAL Tips to Stay Safe This Winter (Modern – The winter months often bring snow, ice, and potentially horrible driving conditions. With a little preparation, driving in winter can be a lot safer. Halfords Autocentre enlisted survival expert Conrad Allen to share advice on how to drive in winter conditions safely. Find out more […]

How to Survive an Active Shooter Scenario

Active Shooter: How to Survive When Bullets Are Flying ( – No one expects to be in a situation where an armed gunman is attempting to kill them. However, the news shows us, time and time again, that active shooter events are becoming more common. It’s critically important to learn how to handle the situation […]

Product Review: Beartooth Communication Device

When Disaster STRIKES, How Will YOU Communicate With Loved Ones? ( – Cell phones have become an integral part of modern society. In fact, much of the population has become reliant on their mobile phones. From GPS apps and Skype calls to internet research and phone conversations, cell phones are becoming more and more essential […]

How to Start a Fire Using a Battery and a Gum Wrapper

You Can Do WHAT With a Gum Wrapper?!? (Modern – Sometimes, surviving a bad situation requires out-of-the-box thinking. Having the ability to combine random items in ingenious ways can literally save the day in some scenarios. For instance, take this survival hack using a AA battery and a chewing gum wrapper: To make a […]

Everyday Preparedness: Don’t Leave Home Without These

Everyday Preparedness: Don’t Leave Home Without These
NEVER Leave Home Without These – NOT What You Think! ( – Everyday Carry (EDC) is a hot topic for those who take preparation seriously. This consists of the items you keep on your person every day, each time you leave home, and goes beyond a wallet/purse and cell phone. To a survivalist, EDC is […]

Important Information About “Deer Warts”

This Condition Looks HORRIBLE – But Is It Dangerous? (Modern – You’re out hunting when you spot a deer and take your shot. After tracking the animal down to its final resting place, to your horror, you find it has many strange wart-like growths. Aside from being disturbing to look at, the condition commonly […]

How to Sanitize a Mobile Phone

Dirty phone
Health HAZARD? What is Lurking on YOUR Mobile Device? (Modern – Most people touch their mobile phones more often than any other item each day. The problem is that as they go about their day, all of that interaction tends to leave traces of the environment behind on their devices. From germs to fecal […]

Safety Tips for Hunting Season

6 IMPORTANT Safety Tips for the Upcoming Season! ( – Hunting is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. It also provides a path to self-reliance by putting food on the table. While hunting is a popular sport, there are a great many dangers that go hand-in-hand with the activity. With that in […]

What is a Fatal Funnel?

This Funnel is FATAL – Avoid it At ALL COSTS! ( – A “fatal funnel” is a term often used by law enforcement and military personnel to designate a choke point. These are thresholds or areas of transition, such as doorways, stairwells, or hallways, where there is no cover or concealment, and movement is limited. […]

Scary Costume Accessory Can Be a Real Eye Sore!

🚨[ALERT]🚨 Think TWICE Before Using This Accessory! ( – For many Americans, Halloween is a joyful holiday marked by spooky costumes, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating with children. While partiers may feel the effects of a long night the next day, a warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says some may experience […]

Improvising Survival Weapons

Self Defense Using an ALTOIDS TIN?!? ( – In the aftermath of a large-scale disaster, the need for protection will skyrocket. Looters will be rampant, and people with nefarious intentions will be unleashed without the threat of law enforcement to stop them. While a firearm is the best protection one could have in a survival […]

Make a Fire By Rubbing Sticks

Here’s the RIGHT WAY to Start a Fire by Rubbing Sticks! (Modern – Most people know that you can create fire by rubbing sticks together, but very few know how to do it. It isn’t as simple as just grabbing two random pieces of wood and grinding away with them. In fact, nearly anyone […]

Prepare Now: Keep Rioters OUT

When RIOTS Begin, Do This to Keep Them OUT! (Modern – Civil unrest could arguably erupt at any moment. The nation is bitterly divided over party lines and political leaders fanning the flames with constant streams of inflammatory rhetoric. Add to the mix soaring inflation which has the average American struggling to make ends […]

Disaster Strikes: Places to Avoid

NEVER GO Here After a Disaster! ( – Disaster can strike in any number of ways, from natural events such as earthquakes or tornadoes to man-made events like civil unrest or even war. Regardless of the root cause of the disaster, there are some specific places that should be avoided following a large-scale emergency event. […]

Why Do You Need To Be Prepared?

Why Do You Need To Be Prepared?
5 Reasons EVERYONE Should Be Preparing ( – Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the media had a tendency to paint preppers in a negative light. Shows such as Doomsday Preppers made survivalists and preppers look like fringe lunatics. In truth, preppers have very little in common with the examples portrayed on television. Not every prepper is […]

Why the Next Pandemic Could Be MUCH Worse

Prepare NOW – The Next OUTBREAK Could Be MUCH Worse! ( – For some, the coronavirus pandemic seemed like the end of the world. The news definitely made it seem like it, and the food and toilet paper shortages didn’t help matters. Add to the mix the economic fallout of the pandemic and COVID-19 was pretty bad. […]

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