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Avoid These Areas While Camping

( – Camping is one of many ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Sleeping under the stars, enjoying a campfire with family, and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be very relaxing — unless the camp ends up underwater. Flash floods tend to strike without warning. One heavy rainfall and […]

How to Open the Airway in an Unconscious Person

( – Knowing how to help a person during an emergency is a critical component of survivalism. One can never know when they might be called upon to save another person’s life. Not every life-threatening situation is going to be obvious. A person who has fainted, for example, may be in a lot more danger […]

How to Stay Safe While Traveling

( – Embracing the preparedness lifestyle encompasses all aspects of life, including vacations. While being prepared for an emergency can be difficult enough at home, preparing for potential disasters while away can seem a bit overwhelming. Traveling means entering unfamiliar territory, especially when going abroad. New places and people create new challenges, but it isn’t […]

Top 3 Survival Plants for Beginners

Top 3 Survival Garden Plants
( – Gardening is a favorite pastime for many Americans, but it can be so much more than that. In fact, growing food can be essential to survival — especially when food becomes increasingly challenging to purchase thanks to rising prices and empty shelves. However, getting started is often difficult for those who aren’t avid […]

How to Eat Well Under Financial Strain

( – While not everyone lives in a third-world country, where access to food can be much harder to come by, it can still be hard to get quality food — especially while living under financial strain. Here are some tips on how to continue to eat well, even when times are hard. Avoid Fast […]

How to Prepare for and Survive a Wildfire

Surviving A Wildfire
( – The unfortunate truth is that a wildfire can happen nearly anywhere, at any time. Thankfully, there is a lot you can do to protect yourself, and your loved ones — both before a fire breaks out, and once one is threatening your area. Preparing Your Home Most people get injured or killed in […]

Helpful Tips for Low-Income Families to Survive a Recession

Helpful Tips for Low-Income Families to Survive a Recession
( – Talks of a looming recession tend to be heavy in the news from time to time, resurfacing in times of economic difficulty. During these periods, job security tends to be low, the stock market may be unstable, and the housing market is uncertain at best. Families across the nation may be living paycheck […]

Common Self Defense Mistakes That Lead to Jail Time

( – Having to shoot another person in self-defense is a nightmare situation to find oneself in. Unfortunately, it can become even worse when the police arrive on the scene — especially if the individual is arrested for defending themselves with lethal force. Following an altercation in which one has to defend themselves, the last […]

How to Protect Yourself from Fraud and Identity Theft

How to Protect Yourself from Fraud and Identity Theft
( – Identity theft has been a serious issue for many years now. Unfortunately, the frequency of these crimes has skyrocketed as people become more digitally dependent, leading to billions of dollars worth of losses in America alone. Data shows that in 2021, roughly 5.7 million Americans became victims of identity fraud — up from […]

Helpful Ways to Lower Your Tax Bill

Helpful Ways to Lower Your Tax Bill
( – Many Americans are under the false impression that standard deductions are the only way to lower their tax bills. For many, however, this simply isn’t true. There are various strategies an American taxpayer can use not just to lower their tax bill this year but for the year to come. Regardless of how […]

Blue Holes: Vacation Destination or Cryptid Hunting Ground?

Blue Holes: Vacation Destination or Cryptid Hunting Ground?
( – Legends of sea monsters have permeated coastal cultures around the globe for centuries. From sea serpents and Krakens to mermaids and giant sharks, these stories have fascinated and terrified people who venture into the waves. One story, in particular, captures the imagination like no other. The crystal-clear waters of the blue holes in […]

OPSEC Cultivation: How to Grow a Hidden Garden

( – Regardless of what is going on in the world, everyone needs food. As history has shown time and again, when food becomes scarce, people become violent. Those without the foresight to prepare before hard times target those who did out of sheer desperation, leading to conflict — and often, death. This is precisely […]

Surprising Survival Uses for Socks

( – When it comes to a life-or-death situation, everything at your disposal can (and should) be used in an effort to survive — including the socks on your feet. A good pair of socks can keep feet warm and dry, but that is just the beginning of their potential uses. To show the versatility […]

Survival Hack: Garden Lights to the Rescue

( – Part of preparing to face an emergency is acquiring the right gear before life rains on your parade. Unfortunately, some survival items run a bit on the pricey side, so finding affordable tools that serve multiple purposes is a major win. With that in mind, here are a few reasons to consider adding […]

How to Save Money on Utilities With the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

How to Save Money on Utilities With the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)
( – During the blazing heat of summer and the frigid cold of winter, the average American household’s utility bills tend to skyrocket. The cost of maintaining a survivable climate during these times can quickly become a budget-testing experience.The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) maybe the solution you need to save money on utility expenses. What […]

Scary Moving Scams You Need to Have on Your Radar

Scary Moving Scams You Need to Have on Your Radar
( – Trusting a company to move your precious belongings out of your home and to a new location is scary. You’re paying hard-earned money with the hope that professionals will safely transport your possessions to the desired destination without hassle or damage at an agreed-upon cost. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Remorseless scammers […]

Using Old Tires For Survival

(Modern – One of the greatest skills a survivalist can develop is the ability to improvise. Improvisation means creating something useful from items other people see as trash. In a post-apocalyptic world, the ability to improvise will be an invaluable asset. In the meantime, finding alternative uses for everyday items could save you money […]

Surviving Medical Issues Without Insurance

( – Getting sick without medical coverage is a nightmare that many Americans are forced to deal with. For some, a lack of insurance will make them put off seeing a doctor until a condition has gone from easily treatable to life-threatening. So how can a person survive a medical issue when they don’t have […]

Is Prepping Good for Your Health?

( – The prepping lifestyle is meant to prepare a person to face an emergency situation and come out alive. Obviously, prepping will be good for one’s health in the event of an actual disaster, but what about in the meantime? Does the act of preparing for an emergency create any benefit to a person’s […]

Preparation is Your Civic Duty

( – As an American citizen, your civic duty includes activities such as obeying the law, performing jury duty, and paying taxes. As a survivalist, your civic duty is to be prepared to act as a first responder in the event of an emergency (if you are capable of doing so). Not only will you […]

Survival Cooking – Create a Stove From a Soup Can

Survival Cooking - Create a Stove From a Soup Can
( – In prepper circles, the importance of being able to improvise on the fly is beaten to death. Everyone talks about how vital this skill is, and with good reason. Being able to “MacGyver” out of an emergency using random items will go a long way toward surviving longer than the average Joe. Sometimes, […]

What to Know When Purchasing a Foreclosed Home

What to Know When Purchasing a Foreclosed Home
( – Purchasing a foreclosed house is a fantastic way to become a homeowner and save money in the process. However, foreclosed homes come with risks the buyer should be aware of before signing on the dotted line. Banks often list foreclosed homes below the market price to sell them as quickly as possible. The […]

How to Qualify for Section 8 Housing Assistance

How to Qualify for Section 8 Housing Assistance
( – For millions, Section 8 housing assistance provides the chance to live in a safe, clean, and affordable home. Created by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Section 8 housing assistance gives struggling families the opportunity to escape bad neighborhoods or save money to purchase a home of their own. Qualified […]

5 Ways to Save Money on a Low Budget

5 Ways to Save Money on a Low Budget
( – The cost of living in America has steadily risen over the past few years. The situation has become so dire that 64% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, even higher among those making less than $50,000 annually. Staying afloat in a chaotic economy is a constant source of stress for many. With that […]

Three Hours to Survive… Quick Shelter Options

Three Hours to Survive... Quick Shelter Options
( – In a survival situation such as becoming lost in the woods, the first thing anyone should do is find or build a shelter. Shelter is more important than finding food or water. The average human can go three days without water, and roughly three weeks without food before death is a real threat. […]

Prepping for Collapse: A Trashy Situation

(Modern – Most people don’t think twice about the trash they throw out. They simply take it to the curb once or twice a week to be hauled away to a landfill. But what if sanitation services were to come to a grinding halt? Where would all that garbage go? According to the Environmental […]

Outdoor First Aid Training – How to Treat a Broken Arm

Outdoor First Aid Training - How to Treat a Broken Arm
(Modern – Accidents and injuries are an unfortunate reality in the world of survival. No matter how prepared a person is, an emergency can hit out of nowhere like a runaway semi. This is precisely why knowing how to treat an injury like a broken arm is a vital skill for survivalists to develop. […]

Purify Undrinkable Water in Minutes…

(Modern – The importance of clean, potable water for survival situations cannot be understated. Without water, death can occur in as little as three days, so a product that can clean and purify undrinkable water is extremely valuable. Enter Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) Purifier of Water. In the following video, P&G Professional shows how […]

How to Execute a Fireman’s Carry

(Modern – Disaster can strike anywhere, at any time. When it does, people often sustain injuries and need to be moved out of danger. This becomes much more complicated when the person is unconscious or incapacitated. If you’re facing a situation where a loved one is knocked out cold, and you have to move […]

How a Healthy Lifestyle Improves Your Finances

How a Healthy Lifestyle Improves Your Finances
( – When a person begins considering living a healthier lifestyle, they usually focus on the physical benefits such as looking and feeling better. But there are many financial benefits to consider as well. As the saying goes, “the greatest wealth is health.” A healthy lifestyle will improve your overall quality of life and swell […]

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