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Reasons to Prep… Even if Nothing Ever Happens

4 Reasons EVERYONE Should Prep – Even If Nothing Ever Happens! (Modern – For people who don’t understand prepping, it all seems like a giant waste of time. Such individuals can become mocking and sometimes downright obnoxious in their efforts to poke fun at preppers. After all, why should anyone spend time and money […]

How Radiation Poisoning Affects the Body

If You See These SYMPTOMS, Get Help FAST! ( – During a nuclear detonation, ground zero of the blast reaches millions of degrees Fahrenheit, instantly incinerating everything nearby. The resulting shockwave travels great distances as well, and people up to five miles away may still suffer third-degree burns from the heat. Even if one doesn’t […]

Simple Tips to Save Money on Gas

OUTRAGEOUS Gas Prices Got You Down? 6 Easy Tips to Rescue Your Wallet! ( – Gas prices are on the rise across the nation. Cash is already tight thanks to soaring inflation, and many Americans are struggling to fill their tanks. While there isn’t much one can do to stop the price of gasoline from […]

One Simple Trick to Prevent Car Theft

Security Hack – STOP Thieves With One Simple Trick! ( – As technology advances, making life more comfortable — and seemingly safer — for the world’s population, so do the tactics criminals employ to take advantage of the unwary. Unfortunately, these thieves adapt quickly to changes in technology, finding sneaky ways to steal what isn’t […]

Using Aluminum Foil for Survival

Using Aluminum Foil for Survival
Aluminum Foil Can Keep You ALIVE – Dead Serious (Modern – The difference between life and death in a survival situation can often come down to one skill: ingenuity. It’s the ability to think outside the box and utilize random items for tasks beyond their original purposes. The easiest way to build ingenuity is […]

Survival Hack: Garden Lights to the Rescue

Cheap Yard Decoration… or PRICELESS Survival Tool? ( – Part of preparing to face an emergency is acquiring the right gear before life rains on the parade. Unfortunately, some survival items run a bit on the pricey side, so finding cheap tools that serve multiple purposes is a major win. With that in mind, here […]

Don’t Let Your Brain Get You Killed

Your Brain May Be TRICKING You – Here’s How To Stop It! ( – Ask any survivalist, and they will quickly confirm that one’s mind is the greatest tool at their disposal, both in and out of an emergency. Unfortunately, this amazing biological computer can unknowingly deceive a person, putting them in grave danger. One […]

How to Prepare for Nuclear War

If a NUKE were to Strike, Are YOU Ready for the Fallout? ( – Gone are the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when children were taught to hide beneath their desks in the event of a nuclear war. In fact, for the most part, preparation for a nuclear attack has become all but ignored […]

What is a ‘Mamad,’ And Why You May Want One

Government MANDATED Prepping – It’s REAL Here ( – For many years, Americans were taught to hide under their desks or tables when bomb sirens began to pierce the air. After the Cold War came to a close, this practice began to fade, as the likelihood of bombs falling on the United States became a […]

Disposing of Human Waste in a Catastrophe

How to Dispose of Human Waste When Flushing Isn’t an Option ( – In modern times, many luxuries have become so ingrained in society that most people take them for granted. For instance, consider what would happen in the aftermath of a catastrophe when human waste can no longer be flushed away. In urban and suburban […]

Using Petroleum Jelly for Survival

Using Petroleum Jelly for Survival
You Can Do WHAT With Petroleum Jelly?!? (Modern – Multipurpose items are valuable in a prepper’s stockpile because they save space and, potentially, money. One multipurpose item—which also happens to be a common household item—is petroleum jelly. Traditionally, petroleum jelly is used for a number of tasks, including moisturizing skin, removing makeup, and preventing […]

Encounter a Shark and Survive

How to survive a shark attack
SHARK ATTACK – 6 Tips to Stay Off the Menu! ( – Humans like to believe they are at the top of the food chain, but sometimes, that simply isn’t true — especially when we enter another predator’s domain. Sharks have evolved for millions of years to become what many consider to be the ultimate […]

Watch Out for Widowmakers!

Death by TREE?!? More Common Than You Think! ( – To most people, the term “widowmaker” is associated with a massive heart attack. The phrase was coined to describe anything that could kill a man and leave his wife a widow, though it applies to anyone. In the survival world, however, widowmakers are something else […]

Everyday Carry For Self Defense

Could You Defend Yourself With What Is in Your Pockets? ( – Violent crime has always been a serious threat to personal safety. In bygone times, warriors used swords and axes to defend against those who would seek to harm them or others. While the days of carrying a sword for self-defense may be gone, […]

How to Bury Emergency Supplies

Survival Caches: How to Bury Emergency Supplies
Survival Caches: How to Bury Emergency Supplies ( – When a massive disaster strikes, many preppers plan to bug out to a predetermined location to escape urban populations. While this is generally a good plan, it can be difficult to make it to a bug-out location — especially when making the trek on foot. If […]

Avoid These Areas While Camping

WARNING: If You See These Signs, DO NOT Set Up Camp! ( – Camping is one of many ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Sleeping under the stars, enjoying a campfire with family, and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be very relaxing — unless the camp ends up underwater. […]

How to Safely Hand Over a Firearm

How to Safely Hand Over a Firearm
Gun Safety 101: How to PROPERLY Pass a Firearm ( – Safety is the most important aspect of owning, and especially handling, a firearm. Unfortunately, many people who handle guns have never taken a single course on proper conduct when holding or passing one. While it seems obvious to keep the barrel of a gun […]

Survival Applications for Sodium Bicarbonate

10 Unusual Ways to Use Baking Soda for Survival ( – Sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda, is an item commonly found in most households. For most people, baking soda is used for exactly that — baking. For others, baking soda was a key component in a messy school science project. What most people […]

Throwable Device Puts Out Fires Automatically

Throwable Device Puts Out Fires Automatically
Forget Fire Extinguishers – THIS Is the Tool You NEED! (Modern – For survivalists, fire can be a life-saving asset. It can boil water to make it drinkable, cook food, and provide warmth in cold environments. Unfortunately, fire can also create a survival situation when it gets out of control or erupts unexpectedly. In […]

FBI Tips for Detecting Deception

How to Tell When Someone is Lying to You
Are You Being Lied To? FBI Agent Shares How to Tell (Modern – Becoming a well-rounded survivalist goes far beyond the ability to start a fire or purify water. Yes, these skills can be vital to facing an emergency and coming out alive, but what about the abilities necessary to live day-to-day? One such […]

Simple Survival Hack for Your Freezer

Simple Survival Hack for Your Freezer
This Simple Trick Can SAVE You HUNDREDS After a Blackout ( – Modern appliances make prepping for a “rainy day” much easier than it used to be. For instance, refrigeration allows one to store food for much longer periods of time. Toss some meat in the icebox and it stays good for months. Unfortunately, technology […]

Is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) a Viable Threat?

Is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) a Viable Threat?
Could an EMP ACTUALLY Cripple the Country? ( – Anyone who has spent time around survivalists or preppers has likely heard the term “EMP” tossed around. An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is an intense surge of energy that overloads and destroys fragile electrical components in the surrounding environment. The aftermath of an EMP leaves the […]

How to Increase the Odds of Surviving a Plane Crash

If the Plane is CRASHING, What Would You Do? ( – The once impossible dream of taking to the skies became an everyday occurrence thanks to the Wright brothers back in 1903. Since then, mankind has come a long way in its mastery of flight. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and, on occasion, planes do come […]

How to Avoid Blindly Stepping Into Danger

DANGEROUS Mistakes People Make Every Day… Without Knowing It! ( – Spend any amount of time among survivalists or preppers, and the topic of situational awareness is bound to come up, likely sooner rather than later. These groups know that situational awareness (SA), sometimes called situation awareness, is one of the most important skills a […]

Safety Tips for On the Road

Tens of Thousands DIE Each Year From This – Don’t Be Next! ( – For most people, going to work or the store requires getting behind the steering wheel of an automobile. This time in the car is often filled with music, podcasts, or even talking on the phone as they cruise to their destinations. […]

Head For The Hills—FAST!

When It’s Time to EVACUATE, Avoid These at ALL COSTS! ( – The majority of people live in densely populated areas, whether bustling cities or smaller towns. Most days, this isn’t that big of an issue, aside from rush hour traffic. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of a large-scale disaster, living in congested areas could quickly […]

Face a Feral Boar and Survive

7 Ways to SURVIVE These Dangerous Wild BEASTS ( – Feral boars have become quite the problem across the globe, destroying crops and even moving into cities where they damage property and invade garbage cans. In the United States, boars cost the country approximately $1.5 billion each year and are now found in at least […]

How to Create an Invisible Survival Shelter

Top Secret – Do This and NO ONE Will Ever Find You! ( – When times get bad, one of the greatest threats anyone will face comes from other human beings. In the aftermath of a large-scale disaster, law enforcement will be stretched thin (if it even exists anymore). Looting will become a major cause […]

How to Escape From Zip Ties

Escaping Zip Ties
Zip Ties Are DANGEROUS – What You NEED to Know! ( – Zip ties are commonly used to restrain victims during home invasions and kidnappings. They’re cheap and hard to break out of — making them a top choice for criminals. However, zip tie restraints can be broken with the proper know-how and a little […]

Seasoning Cast Iron

Most People Have NO IDEA How to Do This… Do YOU? ( – Cast iron cookware is popular among preppers and with good reason. It’s heavy-duty, it requires little maintenance (when cared for properly) and food cooked in it tends to taste better. While cast iron is durable, it is also fragile if not seasoned. […]

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