Survival Scenarios

Financial Collapse

A world-wide data breach has left every financial account drained. Paper money is worth nothing more than kindling, and coins are only worth their value in metal. Neighbors are starting to eye gardens and invade scrap piles. It’s survival of the fittest, when the fittest hold all the most valuable commodities…


We thought the world was already full of zombies, with their noses buried in their cell phones. It wasn’t until the outbreak that we really knew the true definition of a zombie. Now, it’s survival of the fittest whether they’re living off of brains or not.

EMP / Grid Failure

It’s become obvious that this isn’t the average power outage. Even the battery powered radios haven’t picked up anything for days now. It’s getting more dangerous every day, what with no way to stay cool or keep the food and meds fresh. People are starting to panic, and people in a panic can be a danger to themselves.

Marshall Law

Land of the free, my ass! They claim to be doing it for our own safety, but my ancestors didn’t give up all they owned to seek refuge during World War II just for me and my children to be subject to the same conditions all over again. There is already talk of arm bands…

Water Contamination

The problem is, the water looks perfectly normal. It doesn’t look any different than what I bought in a bottle just a week ago. That’s why it took us so long to figure out what the problem was. Now, there’s no telling where the contamination starts and where it ends.

Disease Outbreak

If I didn’t know better I would think I was living in another century. Only, instead of everyone wearing herb stuffed masks, they all look like impromptu doctors with paper masks and paranoia. We’re going to need supplies soon, but there is no telling who touched what at the store. And Tania is starting to get the tell-tale dark circles under her eyes…

Terrorist Attack

We thought they were all talk. They weren’t. Now the city is in shambles and it’s impossible to tell who is on what side. Even our own people are sick of the government. But this, this is something we never saw coming.

Meteor Impact

What once was a bustling city is now nothing more than a smoking crater in the ground. Even miles away, we still can’t get our electronics or anything magnetic to work. The meteor must be interfering with the radio waves. We have no way of telling if other cities were hit, too, but we can’t stay here much longer.

Solar Flares

There is no air conditioner anywhere in the world that is powerful enough to abate this heat. The solar flares keep coming, and we keep running. We have to find someplace safe underground, or we aren’t going to make it… if we even can then.

Extreme Weather

After living in Florida for so long, we thought it was just another hurricane that would turn into a tropical storm by the time it got to us. We were wrong. Now, we have nothing but the clothes on our backs and not even a clear way to get out of the area. All the roads are flooded, yet there is no water to drink.

Civil War

We always talked about it coming to this, but the reality is much different. We thought out here in the country, even if civil war did break out, we would be safe. But now, the neighbors we had a cookout with last week may just be Enemy #1. The ammo isn’t going to last very long, and the food will run out even faster.  

Nuclear Attack

The only one who knew what to do when the sirens went off was Grandpa. We always laughed and talked about the latest Fallout game when Grandpa would go add more supplies to the bunker he built in 1952, but no one is laughing now and Fallout seems more like a poorly written instruction manual than a game.

Digital Attack

Even when my card was declined at the gas station and the digital register wasn’t able to compute a cash addition, I didn’t understand what was going on. Now, with the television playing loops of foreign demands when it should be playing Game of Thrones, it’s obvious that we are under a digital attack. Nevermind the lack of access to the bank accounts; all of the systems at work are digital so there is no sense in trying to get there even if I could get a modern gas pump to give me fuel for the drive.  


It’s getting harder to breathe every day and it seems to be raining ash. We’ve had wildfires on the mountain before, so we didn’t think there was a need to panic. Now, the car can’t even get enough air to keep it running and there’s so much smoke we don’t even know which direction to go in…