Delta and Beyond: How to Prepare for Another Lockdown

COVID Pandemic: Prepare for a Second Lockdown

( – The coronavirus is far from gone, especially with the recent surge of cases in the US and abroad thanks to the new delta variant. While most people don’t want to see another lockdown issued, there is a chance the government will mandate one to slow the spread if infection rates get bad enough.

Hopefully, those who weren’t prepared the first time around learned a valuable lesson from the empty shelves around the nation. Whether you were prepared for the first lockdowns or not, there is a serious possibility of a second lockdown — and you need to be prepared this time.

What You Should Get

If the first wave of lockdowns has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared.  People were panic buying toilet paper, panic buying food, and just panicking in general. That’s something we want to avoid. So what do you need to prepare yourself for the next plausible lockdown?


Having a good first aid kit and a stockpile of standard medicine is a good idea during normal times, but is even more important during a pandemic. Cold meds, pain relievers and even antacids should make the cut. Obviously, prescription medicines should be filled and stored appropriately as well.

Basic Necessities

Purchase an extra stick or two of deodorant and an extra tube of toothpaste. Stock up on dish soap and detergent. Having a small backup of basic necessities will ensure you avoid a gross situation a week or two into a lockdown.

Toilet Paper/Paper Towels

While it’s better to get both, one or the other is fine. In a pinch, paper towels can be used when you release your bowels. Blue shop towels prove to be more useful than regular paper towels (and smoother). Paper/shop towels are great when disinfecting surfaces as well.

Food and Water

These items might as well be a free space on your pandemic prepper bingo card. There’s no need to stress how important both of these items are. Make sure you stock up on plenty of food; at least one year’s worth is ideal (if possible). Canned and dry goods with long shelf lives are best.

Water is much more important than food, as a person can die from dehydration in as little as three days. It takes three weeks or more to starve to death. Stock up on bottled water, and really as much water as you can. The more the merrier. Just be sure to replace old products with new ones roughly every six months to avoid stagnation. It may be a good idea to purchase some water filtration gear as well… it never hurts to be overly prepared.

Also, something that shouldn’t be overlooked is entertainment. It’s easy to get bored fast when you’re stuck at home. Board games, cards, and puzzles are great ways to both have fun and keep your brain sharp. Video games are fun too, just remember they need electricity, which is something we may not always have.

Final Thoughts

While we all hope that another lockdown isn’t looming over the horizon, we still need to prepare for it. That way if it does end up happening, we’re ready to hunker down and wait it out. Even the best preppers in the world learned something during the first lockdowns; you bet they’re going to use those lessons to improve their preps moving forward.

Stay sharp, stay safe, and don’t get caught scrambling for supplies. The worst time to prepare for an emergency is during one.

Are you afraid the government is going to initiate another lockdown? Are you prepared to survive under another lockdown if they do? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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