Preparation reports from Survival Daily teach you how to adequately prepare for possible disaster scenarios. We share what supplies you should stock up on, how to properly store them, where to find them, and more.

Survival Skills and Preparation reports aim to help you feel reassured that yes–you can survive a disaster of any scale. That’s because through research, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to overcome whatever challenges arise.

Prepping With Man's Best Friend

Prepping With Man’s Best Friend

( - Dogs have been loyal companions of humans for thousands of years. They’ve also aided in multiple tasks, from hunting, to rescuing, and...
Setting up Camp: Know Your Ws!

Setting up Camp: Know Your Ws!

( - Camping is a favorite pastime for many people around the world. It’s an escape from the daily grind in an urban environment,...

Long-Term Survival: Building a Community

( - The truth of surviving any long-term scenario is you can only go so far by yourself. The lone-wolf mentality may work for...

Maintaining Law and Order After a Catastrophe

( - Even in a world “without rule of law” (WROL), there are still going to be a need for rules and regulations —...
Urban Survival: High-Rise Terror

Urban Survival: High-Rise Terror

( - Many people from all over the world either work or live in a high-rise building. For some, it’s both. The possibility of...
COVID Pandemic: Prepare for a Second Lockdown

Delta and Beyond: How to Prepare for Another Lockdown

( - The coronavirus is far from gone, especially with the recent surge of cases in the US and abroad thanks to the new...
Growing Medicine: Plants That Can Heal

Growing Medicine: Plants That Can Heal

( - In today’s world, people are used to being able to just run to the store and pick up whatever medicine they may...
Get Out of Dodge: Strategies for Evacuation

Get Out of Dodge: Strategies for Evacuation

( - While bugging in during a major emergency may be ideal for people who live in rural areas, that’s not the case for...

8 Factors to Consider Before Bugging-In

( - It’s no surprise that bugging-in can have a tactical advantage over bugging out, especially if you don’t have a certain location in...
Martial Law: How to Prepare and Survive

Martial Law: How to Prepare and Survive

( - People tend to get on edge whenever someone mentions “Martial Law” — with good reason. The idea of losing your freedom is...

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