Urban Survival: High-Rise Terror

Urban Survival: High-Rise Terror

(SurvivalDaily.com) – Many people from all over the world either work or live in a high-rise building. For some, it’s both. The possibility of an emergency situation should always be considered, whether you’re there full-time, or just visiting a hotel. A disaster in a skyscraper is a horrific possibility, and it’s of utmost importance to know what to do when it strikes.

There are a number of disasters that can take place when in a high-rise building which, according to the National Fire Protection Agency, is any building 7 stories or higher. High-rise buildings make up a very small portion of structural fires with only 3% of fires being high-rises. This doesn’t mean cross it off your disaster card though, as any chance means it could happen.

Study Floor Plans

You should know where any emergency exits are. If you’re staying in a hotel, you can usually find the floor map behind the room’s door. Even if you’re only staying one night, study the map to prepare yourself.

You should also know where any fire extinguishers are (which is true for anywhere you go). If you find yourself in a situation where the building is on fire, feel your door and door handle before you open it. Using the back of your hand; if the door feels warm, do not open it. Instead, you should cover the opening to ensure smoke doesn’t enter the room.

Knowing if the fire is above or below you is essential. If it’s above you, you can likely reach safety. If it’s below you, you’re probably going to be cut off from getting to the ground.

The good news is most high-rise buildings are made of steel and concrete, so the fire won’t burn through those materials. Still, beware because it can still spread upward and even downward.

Call for Help and Stay Calm

High-rise buildings also typically feature fire emergency systems such as alarms and automatic sprinklers. Don’t rely on this though, as these systems can still fail. You should always call the fire department if you see a fire.

If you become trapped, stay close to the floor and avoid letting smoke into the room. More deaths occur as a result of asphyxiation rather than the fire itself.

The best thing you can do if you’re trapped is call the fire department and let them know where you are. If you can, open a window and signal for them. Also, listen to whatever the fire department tells you to do; they’re experts, and trusting in their judgment could save your life.

Remember to stay calm and collected. It’s harder to understand what you need to do when you panic, which makes it harder for the fire department to guide you to safety. It can take hours for a high-rise building to be fully evacuated, so you should have more than enough time to escape safely and calmly.

As with anything, surviving an emergency situation like this requires mental fortitude. You need to have the ability to stay level-headed and focus on what needs to be done. That way, you can keep yourself and others safe during such a chaotic situation.

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