Self Discipline for Survival


( – Ever heard the term “mind over matter”? There’s actually a lot a person can accomplish just by simply having the right mindset. However, it’s common to have mental blocks getting in the way of your success. Failure can amplify those blocks, too, creating a sort of cascade effect.

Controlling your mind and practicing self-discipline isn’t just good life advice. It’s essential to all survival scenarios. Improving your mental fortitude and willpower is an essential way to stay ahead of the pack.

Find Motivation

Getting motivated is essential to doing what you need to do. Obviously, fighting for your life will already make you motivated. You need to keep that drive alive outside of life and death situations, though.

Set goals for yourself. Again, this is probably to survive for as long as possible. Having specific goals to accomplish will help you focus and direct your mind. Start small; this could be something as simple as finding a water source or building a fire. Getting a “win” on a regular basis will help to boost your morale.

If you have others with you, remember that giving up will affect them too. They need you as much as you need yourself, especially if they are young children. Working as a team will allow everyone to build each other up when someone is getting down.

Discipline Is Key

In a survival situation, you’re likely to be hungry most of the time. Don’t let your instinct get the better of you. Avoid the temptation to eat as much as you can, especially if you are rationing food. This holds even more true for a group, it sucks but it may be better for you to take turns eating daily. You eat one day, then someone else eats the next; turning it into a repeatable cycle helps create structure and self-discipline.

Don’t work against yourself or the elements. Go with the flow. Surviving is hard enough work, no need to make it harder on yourself and others. Remember the term “work smarter, not harder.” This will help you to avoid overworking yourself and burning out. If you find a task to be difficult, take a minute to evaluate the situation and look for alternate solutions.

Once you and your group (if you have one) become somewhat established, develop some habits and rituals. An example of this would be the eating every other day idea mentioned above.

Self-discipline is hard to achieve but once you have it, it makes a world of difference. You need to be firm and stick to your goals, but don’t forget to reward yourself and take pleasure in your accomplishments. Just because you have trouble getting a fire started or a shelter built doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Learn from your mistakes and improve for the next time. If you let yourself get beaten, you’re likely not going to survive.

The saying “you can do anything you put your mind to” holds true. You can achieve your goals if you believe in yourself. Your mind is more powerful than you may initially think.

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