Avoid Toy Dangers This Holiday Season

Avoid Toy Dangers This Holiday Season

(SurvivalDaily.com) – The holiday season is in full swing. Shoppers are running to and fro trying to get Christmas shopping done while children count down the days until Santa arrives. Everyone takes precautions with their Christmas trees and decorating houses — but what about the toys our children receive?

KOAA 5 offers some warnings and advice:

As stated above, choking and button batteries are the most common issues, but there are others to watch for:

  • Hidden dangers. Watch for warning labels that are missing.
  • Balloons. Children under 3 should never play with these unsupervised as they could pop and be swallowed, causing a choking hazard.
  • Excessive noise. Noisy toys can be too loud, causing permanent hearing damage to a child.
  • Flocked animals. Parents are strongly advised to avoid Calico Critters or other flocked figures. This warning is for children of any age, especially in households where young children reside.

No one wants to hurt a child for the holidays. Following these guidelines and those KOAA 5 offers will help to ensure everyone has a safe Christmas. Speaking of safety, check out these tips on safe holiday shopping.

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