Bug-Out Bag for Newborn or Baby

Bug-Out Bag for Newborn or Baby

(SurvivalDaily.com) – Most preppers are ready for emergencies, but not all are ready to be parents. Regular life with a baby can be stressful for a number of reasons, let alone getting through an emergency or living after SHTF. Here are some tips for bugging out with a baby.

Of course, bugging out is a last resort, and it may be better for you to bug in instead. Children can create additional difficulties, but most can likely handle bugging out. However, most toddlers and infants won’t be up to the task.

If you elect to bug in, you can easily stock up on baby supplies like formula, diapers, powder and wipes and have the ability to use them. Bugging out restricts you to what you can carry — and someone needs to carry the baby, meaning more supplies will be left behind.

Instead of bugging out, maybe adjust your plan and hunker down instead. After all, it is the most logical choice unless you absolutely have to leave your home.

Check out the pros and cons of both bugging out and hunkering down and decide which is actually best for you.

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