Caught Off Guard: Last Minute Prepping

Caught Off Guard: Last Minute Prepping

( – If the coronavirus didn’t teach you that you need to be prepared, chances are you’ll regret it. The reality is we got lucky the coronavirus doesn’t have a higher mortality rate, because those “last minute” preppers would likely be dead. Waiting until the last minute to do… well anything, is a terrible idea. However, if you can’t get past your procrastinating ways, there are some things you can do last minute in the face of disaster.

What To Do

Disaster can strike at any time, whether it be a terrorist attack or an earthquake, you have no warning in these situations. However, some disasters allot you some time to prepare; hurricanes and winter storms typically offer some kind of warning.

The biggest thing to do right away is act quickly. Most of the population is under-prepared or not prepared at all, so there’s going to be panic. This makes last minute prepping dangerous, sometimes more so than the disaster itself.

The next step is to determine who is going to do what in your group, if you have one, which you should. More hands make less work, not to mention increasing your chances of surviving. Believe it or not, humans are pack animals and typically operate better as a team.

The Essentials

No it’s not the name of an upcoming band post-pandemic, it’s a list of things you should prioritize over everything else. That being said, the first and foremost thing to worry about is water. Fill every container you can with water and seal it with plastic wrap. If you have a bath tub or pool, fill them up too! Buy as much bottled water as you can.

Stock up on food, specifically food that’s going to last long-term, like canned food. Also you don’t know if you’ll have power during or after a disaster strikes, so try to get foods you don’t have to cook.

Since you don’t know if you’ll have power, be sure to charge everything, including cell phones, tablets, and computers, it may very well be your last chance. Unless of course you go out and buy as many batteries as you can. Not just AA or AAA batteries either; lawn mower, marine, and car batteries can all offer a way to charge your devices.

While on the topic of energy, you should also fill the tanks on your vehicles and generators, if you have them, with gasoline. If you can do it safely, store as many full gas cans as you can.

While you can’t necessarily stock up on prescription medication, you can certainly get it refilled, which you should. Also think about other medical supplies like hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and bandages. Even a sewing kit could come in handy eventually.

Another thing to strongly recommend to the poorly prepared is to build a shelter within your home. Grab any blankets or seasonal clothing that you can and create a comprehensive plan of what you might need to survive colder temperatures without power. If you have to block a room in to make sure you don’t waste any heat. For hotter climates check out another article on our site, to help you stay cool.

Grab a backpack or something similar to create a bug-out bag. Chances are you don’t have one if you’re waiting until the last minute to prepare. Fill the pack with anything you would need to survive away from home, possibly for an extended amount of time.

While not necessarily essential some other items to look for during your panic prep include:

  • Candles, as many as you can get. They provide both light and heat.
  • Sanitation items: toilet paper, soap, garbage bags, and cleaning supplies.
  • A small grill, to cook without the luxury of power; probably best to invest in a charcoal grill.

Why Wait?

As stated before, it’s not a good idea to wait until the last minute. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re thinking about prepping, so why wait? Stock up and prepare now while you have the opportunity. The more you have set back, the less you’ll need to gather when disaster does strike. Everything above is a good place to start; it’s better to begin now, than suffer later. Don’t be that person that panic buys toilet paper, be the one that’s ready to survive.

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