Coronavirus & Crime: Prepare to Defend Your Supplies

Coronavirus & Crime: Prepare to Defend Your Supplies

( – The novel coronavirus is proving to be the perfect justification for the survivalist lifestyle. People are falling ill and dying, and panic buying is causing stores to run out of many essential supplies — the government is even releasing convicts back into the public. Not too mention the number of countries that have implemented lockdowns.

Being justified doesn’t change the horrific realities of this disease, however. People are dying. Supplies are hard to find. Sure, many of us were preparing for such an event to come, but now that it has arrived, we need to make sure our preparations weren’t in vain.

Convicts, Crime and Consequences

In case you weren’t previously aware, the government has been releasing convicts around the country to combat the spread of the coronavirus in the prison system. Generally, the inmates chosen have been low-impact and low-violent criminals, but exceptions have been made. In New York, for example, two violent criminals involved in the death of an NYPD Detective are set for release.

It doesn’t take a big leap of the imagination to see how this could lead to an increase in crime. Especially when you consider that essential supplies are becoming hard to find. In New York, violent crime has decreased — but burglaries have risen by 75 percent.

Defend Your Goods

A large part of prepping is knowing how to protect your supplies. Believe it or not, that takes a lot more than a solid defense system.

Keep a lid on it

The first step in protecting your preps is to keep them secret. If no one knows what you have, they’ll go after someone who flaunts their stuff first. Don’t tell anyone what you have — the old saying “loose lips sink ships” still rings true. If you brag about what you have, word will get around. The same thing goes for all aspects of prepping in general. If your neighbors know you are a survivalist, they’ll assume you have a stockpile of goodies hidden away somewhere.

To keep your preps secret, you have to get them in the house as discreetly as possible. There are a number of ways to do this. When you return from the store, don’t unload your goods where your neighbors can see it. If you have a garage, pull in and shut the door. If you don’t have that option, back into your driveway so the car’s trunk is facing away from the street — just make sure you make a habit of backing in. If you only do it when you have gone shopping, it will be a dead giveaway. You can also choose to unload the car at night, using the cover of darkness to your advantage.

Protect Your Home

Home defense is a factor that can’t be overlooked. You, your family, and your preps are all there. Keeping your home secure is a top priority. Here are a few things to consider that can beef up your security:

  • Reinforce your doors with longer screws in the door frame and the locks.
  • Plant thorny bushes or cactus beneath windows to deter intruders.
  • Install a home security system, and post a sign advertising it.
  • Pick up your newspapers and mow your lawn — make it look like you’re home, even if you aren’t.
  • Keep your doors and windows locked.
  • Hide your preps.
  • Create a safe room, in case someone breaks in while you are home.

Operational security is always important, but with the coronavirus rampaging throughout the world, it is more crucial now than ever before. Keep your prepping secret, your home safe, and protect your family. No one knows how long this pandemic will last, or how bad it’ll get before it’s done.

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