Creating a Root Cellar in Your Basement


( – Expert preppers know that secure food storage is incredibly important. If foods (especially perishables) aren’t stored in a cold, dry place, they can fall victim to degradation, rot, and even infiltration by vermin.

Refrigerators and freezers are an obvious fix, here. But frankly, they aren’t reliable, either. What happens when SHTF? What if your area experiences rolling blackouts, or no longer has reliable access to electricity?

Make a Root Cellar

It’s time to take a page out of grandma’s survival handbook by building your own basement root cellar. This simple installation stabilizes temperature and humidity, both of which play a key role in how fast most perishables degrade. Root vegetables from your own garden, for example, might last months in cold storage, compared to weeks in a kitchen cupboard or refrigerator.

Whether you’re worried about your survival stash, or just growing your own produce, that means less waste and more food available when needed most.

The best part? You can build your own version right at home in your basement for less than the cost of the average refrigerator.

Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that, unlike a refrigerator or freezer, a root cellar is effectively off-grid. There’s no need to worry about losing electricity, and you don’t need to adapt to changing seasons, either. It’s effective all year-round.

That’s an incredible investment for both your sanity and wallet.

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