Maximize Your Potato Harvest With This DIY Project

DIY Potato Box

( – Gardening is a great way to start down the path to self-reliance.  There are plenty of plants that are great to grow in a survival garden, however, the potato ranks high on the list. They can be prepared in a number of different ways, and provide many nutrients that the body needs.

Not only are they a great food source, but they’re easy to grow. In fact, there are multiple ways to plant potatoes that make harvesting easy…

The potato box allows you to create layers as the plant grows. When your base layer begins to grow, add another story to the box and continue this process through the growth cycle. With every layer, the potato will sprout new roots, meaning more potatoes.

You can use scrap lumber to create your potato tower, or you can go out and buy the wood needed. No matter what you choose, be sure that you don’t use treated wood as the chemicals will seep into the soil and into your food. Obviously, you don’t want to ingest any of those chemicals.

To be super self-reliant you can use your own compost and soil to create your box as well. Check out how to properly compost here, and start making your own fertilizer.

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