Don’t Let Christmas Trash Be a Burglar’s Trove

Don't Let Christmas Trash Be a Burglar’s Trove

( – Criminals use the holidays as a way to steal information and property. An act as harmless as throwing away a box could spell disaster for you or your family. Here’s one tip to keep your home safe.

Expensive gifts are great for the holidays, but buyers beware: Improperly throwing away your packages could make you a target. New TVs, gaming consoles and electronics are popular items to have under the tree, and some criminals will use this fact to their benefit.

When you throw away the packaging to high-priced items, you’re basically sending a signal to any would-be burglars that you’ve got new toys and expensive ones at that.

One way you can avoid telling everyone in your neighborhood exactly what you got for Christmas is to use opaque bags for your trash. Larger boxes can be broken down, recycled or thrown away in bags.

In the event of a home invasion, follow these tips so you can both prepare and react when the unthinkable happens.

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