Hazards of Deep Frying a Turkey

Hazards of Deep Frying a Turkey

(SurvivalDaily.com) – Thanksgiving day is close at hand, turkey is thawing out nicely in the refrigerator and you can’t decide — oven roasted or deep fried? Many will go for the traditional oven-roasted turkey. Nothing beats the aroma coming out of the kitchen. But there are people who swear a deep-fried turkey is better — moister, quicker and oh, that skin!

Deep-fried turkeys can also be a major fire hazard if you’re not careful. NBC 26 discusses some of the dangers of frying a turkey:

To help ensure a safe holiday, we have compiled a few more safety measures:

  • It’s always important to read your deep fryer’s directions and follow them exactly.
  • Never overfill your deep fryer.
  • Avoid accidentally burning yourself by wearing long, snug sleeves and flame-retardant grill mitts.
  • Only deep fry outside with constant supervision.
  • Beware of splashing oil and keep children and pets within a safe distance.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of a fire.

Splashing oil can cause third-degree burns or worse, house fires. Do your part to prevent both and ensure your family has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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