How the Super Rich are Prepping for Collapse

How the Super Rich are Prepping for Collapse

( – Wealthy people are beginning to see the potential for disaster… and they’re preparing for it. They’re not just buying food and other supplies though. Some are going all out, and doing some crazy-level prepping.

Buying Land

While most of us have to deal with what we can, wealthier people can go out and buy acres of land. For example, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, reportedly owns 300,000 acres of land in West Texas. Perhaps one of the most impressive pieces of property is located in Kansas. A refurbished Air Force missile silo 175 feet underground is a great place to hide. Marketed as a “survival condo” the area includes:

  • A dog park
  • Aquaculture
  • Movie theater
  • 50,000 gallon pool
  • Rock climbing wall
  • A spa

Top it all off with ex-Green Berets and Navy SEALS for security detail. Unless you’re part of the 1%, you’re likely not going to afford a spot in this luxury bunker. A space of 920 square feet runs $1.5 million dollars, while an 1840-square-foot space will run you $3 million. That’s more than most people make in a lifetime. Not to mention it has its own water park.

Guns and Ammo

This isn’t a surprise by any means. It’s very common for preppers to stock up on guns and ammo. Even the poorest of preppers know the need for weaponry; wealthy people just have more funds to act on it. So it’s pretty likely that they’re buying a lot more than one gun and a couple boxes of ammo at a time. Of course, this isn’t crazy-level prepping, this is just common sense and having the money to buy supplies.

Crazy-Level Prepping

The CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman, not only has purchased motorcycles, guns, ammo, and supplies, he’s also gotten Lasik eye surgery to improve his chances of survival. The former CEO of Reddit, Yishan Wong, did the same. That’s serious dedication, then again surviving is serious business. Who can blame them? If any other prepper had the amount of money these people do, they’d probably do the same.

Preppers look to increase their odds of survival any chance they get, and that’s exactly what these people are doing. It’s not their fault normal everyday people can’t afford to do their level of prepping. They have the desire to survive just like anyone else, it just so happens they also have more resources than most.

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