Pantry Projects to Organize Your Prepping


( – Whether you’re new to prepping or a veteran, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with stockpiles of supplies. Knowing how to organize your inventory is the key to successful prepping. After all, being unable to find something when it’s needed is just as bad as not having it at all. Thankfully, there are some ways you can organize your gear.


In order to stockpile supplies, you’ll need to be able to store them. There’s more to storing your supplies than just putting them into a closet or pantry. You need to organize your supplies; better to do it while you’re setting up, rather than waiting until you have a mess of supplies. Another thing to think about is cycling out old inventory. Thankfully, there are a few ways to set up your prepper pantry to provide both organization and accessibility.

Automatic Rotating Stock

When cycling out old inventory most people have to empty their shelves. This can be a problem especially if space is limited (which it usually is). Even when supplies are organized on a shelf, they can become unorganized quickly when emptying shelves. A great and simple way around this hassle is an automatic stock rotator designed for canned goods.

Building racks that cans roll down is an easy way to ensure you use the oldest stuff first. That is of course if you put the old stuff in first. Starting with the cans that will expire soonest, put them into the rack. As you fill it up the inventory should be newer than the one before it.

This way when you grab a can from the bottom, another rolls into its place. After a while, you can easily add to your inventory by simply putting the new cans at the top. This way you don’t have to worry about emptying your shelves and reorganizing them periodically.

Keeping Track

While the automatic rotating stock does a pretty good job of keeping your stash updated, you still need to develop a printed inventory. This helps largely when your supplies are in separate areas throughout your home (which it should be).

Having a list of what you have, how much you have, and where you have it helps tremendously, not only when you’re looking for something, but when you need to resupply. Knowing what you’re short on and where you’re short, helps keep things organized and easier to handle. This list will also help with meal planning. Be sure to frequently update your list to ensure accuracy.

DIY Survival Recipe Book

You have all these supplies but do you know how to use them? Of course, a lot of canned food is already prepared, but there are some things that are better combined with others. This is especially true if you’re into canning, which most preppers should be.

So unless your stockpile is entirely made up of canned food that is already prepared, you’re going to have to actually cook. This means you’re either going to have to modify already known recipes to fit your supplies, or you’re going to have to turn those creative cogs in your head and make your own recipes; better to do it ahead of time, rather than on the fly.

A lot of survival recipes are for just that, survival. This means you’re likely going to have to modify and put your own spin on them, adding spices and herbs so that your family will eat them. Kids are especially picky, do your best to make whatever you’re cooking taste good.

It’s best to try these recipes before you’re thrown into a survival scenario. This way you can perfect the recipes, and throw away food that doesn’t turn out right; something you won’t be able to do if you’re trying to survive.

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