Police and Military After Collapse: Friend or Enemy?

Police and Military After Collapse: Friend or Enemy?

(SurvivalDaily.com) – We would like to think of the police and military as people who protect us day-to-day. However, when things turn for the worst, will that be the case? Will they aid us in our survival? Or will they be our enemy? It’s terrible to think about, but like most life/death situations, it’s important.


When SHTF, which it inevitably will someday, there are going to be two types of police officers in the beginning: those who stay true to the job, and those who leave their duties behind. Despite what you’ve probably seen in the news lately — the majority of law enforcement are good people.

That being said, when SHTF the ones who stay true to their duty will look to maintain law and order. So if a politician were to declare Martial Law, these men and women would enforce it, given it’s a lawful order.

Unfortunately, that means if they’re told to confiscate our guns, they likely will. It happened during Hurricane Katrina, and it could happen again. This paints them as an enemy to many gun-owning citizens and 2nd Amendment activists. Though, at the end of the day, they’re only an enemy if you choose for them to be.

On the flip side, there are officers that will abandon their duties if SHTF. This could be for a number of reasons, namely to protect their families. The real question here is what will they do to protect themselves and their families? Most likely they’ll do what anyone would do: anything necessary.

Law enforcement would have a dangerous advantage in presenting themselves as well, law enforcement. This will make it easy for them to take advantage of the public. Whether it be to confiscate guns or supplies, they could claim to be doing it in the “name of the law”. If police officers were to go rogue and take over a small town it would be up to the people to dethrone them.

Again while most cops are good people, human nature will kick in, bringing the worst out of even the most disciplined. We need to be sure they’re an enemy before treating them as such. After all, acting aggressively toward police probably isn’t going to end in your favor.

US Military

While federal law prohibits the use of active US military within our borders, the National Guard can be called upon to help local law enforcement. The National Guard has been called upon before, usually for natural disasters. Though, we’ve seen them called upon to help during this pandemic, and for riots and protests.

Again, if Martial Law is declared and the National Guard is called in to reinforce local law enforcement, gun confiscation is possible. The National Guard, not unlike other military branches, is largely composed of conservatives. This means that they may disobey orders, as they would see them as unconstitutional.

There is another force that can be used to help enforce the law though. The United Nations can be called upon to deploy troops on US soil, if needed. Unlike the National Guard, these troops wouldn’t be biased about confiscating weapons, especially since most of them come from countries that don’t agree with the Second Amendment.

They are not accustomed to our laws or culture. They would likely use whatever force they feel is necessary to complete their task. Of course, fighting them would likely be futile; better to just hide your weapons, and possibly your supplies.

All of these people could potentially be your enemy, but usually only if you deem them so. If you become a problem, they’re more likely to harass you. If you attack them, you might as well have signed your own death warrant.

What You Can Do

There are a few things you can do to prepare for these situations. You need to learn to defend yourself not just physically but mentally as well. These scenarios bring the worst out in everyone, training to defend yourself is a must. When SHTF there won’t be a 911 to call.

Be open to the idea that your preps could very well be targeted, even by law enforcement. It happened during Katrina, it will happen again. You need to be ready for this type of thing.

Don’t fight them, it won’t end well for you. The best thing to do is hide your supplies so they can’t find them; not all of them though, so it seems like you’re obeying the law. You may have planned to bug out in these situations, which may be your only option.

People will look to law enforcement for guidance at first. Unfortunately, this means people will also impersonate the law to take advantage of others. Learn to watch for and detect fake law enforcement. Even if they’re not fake eventually human nature will get the best of even the best officers and military personnel.

At the end of the day, the only person you can rely on to protect you is yourself. Train, practice, prepare and repeat. It could just save your life one day.

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