Prep for Hospital Admission

Prep for Hospital Admission

( – Normally, when you get admitted to the hospital, you rest easy knowing they have all the medications and other medical supplies you need. But that isn’t always the case if you take unique meds, and it most certainly isn’t the case in the middle of a national crisis, natural disaster, or other large-scale emergency scenarios. That’s why you need to make sure you or your loved ones plan ahead.


It isn’t likely that any hospital is going to allow you to wear your own clothes, at least right off the bat. Be prepared anyhow and keep a bag at the ready with the clothing items listed below.

  • Gown or other pajamas that open or can be easily removed
  • Slippers with no ties
  • Sweat jacket or sweater that’s open in the front
  • Socks
  • Knit hat

Some of these items are to help you stay warm, rather than to replace a hospital gown. Others are to help you stay comfortable should the hospital run out of gowns or approve your request to wear your own clothes. You might even try to bring in an extra blanket that they may or may not let you use.


It’s safe to say that most people know what prescribed medications they’re on and some even have a list ready for times when they may have to visit the hospital. Traditionally, that’s about the extent of what the hospital will allow you to use when you come in. They prefer to give you medications from their own pharmacy as opposed to using yours.

That’s traditionally. We’re talking about a large-scale disaster here.

If you can, pack a couple of weeks’ worth of your prescriptions in a bag to take to the hospital before you get sick. You don’t know how weak you will be when you’re ready to go, so it’s best to have things ready long before then.

During a major disaster, it’s a very real possibility the hospital will have to ration meds or will run out of what you need entirely. If you already have existing medical conditions, letting them go untreated while you’re infected with a new virus is only going to make things worse. In situations like this, they’re not likely to argue with you about taking meds you brought from home, and may even feel a hidden sense of relief that they won’t need to tap their resources for you.

Bring the most common treatment methods. If you see that hospitals are giving out Tylenol to treat symptoms, have some ready to take with you. They will run out, because a pandemic is a drain on worldwide resources.

Tools for Mental Health

A massive emergency means that the world starts the day with a negative mindset. Everywhere you turn, there is bad news, often overshadowing any sort of good news that might exist. Add to that the possibility of days spent alone in a hospital room (because they can’t allow visitors in during a pandemic, for example), and you have way too much time to seep into a pit of despair. And hospitals aren’t exactly known for their vast entertainment selections.

Keep in mind that it’s good to bring activities to do, but you should also bring things to passively entertain yourself, meaning you won’t have to exert much effort to use them. We’ve listed some suggestions below, but you should also be prepared with some that address your or your loved one’s individual interests.

  • Puzzle books
  • Reading material
  • Coloring books
  • Tablet or phone with downloaded audiobooks, movies, music and games (Internet may not be available so it’s best to download what you need.)
  • Notebook and pens/pencils
  • Knitting or crocheting materials
  • Pictures and/or recorded videos or messages from loved ones
  • Comfort items, like a teddy bear or other small item you can keep in bed with you

There are numerous medical miracles that give evidence to the fact that sometimes the will to live is the only possible reason someone makes it through a medical event. That’s why maintaining your mental health is so important.

Have you ever been forced to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time? Would the tips from above have made the stay more bearable? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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