Prepping for Female Hygiene Needs


( – Food, water and shelter are the three main pillars of survival. However, hygiene plays a crucial role in survival as well, despite being overlooked and often forgotten. Both men and women have unique hygiene needs they need to address.

Walmart and other large stores haven’t always been around; however, natural cycles such as menstruation have. So, how did women care for their hygienic needs before the world had disposable products for them?

Tampons are a largely popular way to control menstrual flow from an internal perspective. Tampons haven’t always been the way we see them today. In the past, women made tampons from materials such as sea sponges, bits of cotton or wool, which they rolled up and tied with a string. These methods date back to ancient Egypt as early as 1850 BCE.

Pads are an external way for women to control their flow. Using a belt or string, women once used animal skins, oil silk, paper, wood fibers, linen, wool and wadding to control the bleeding.

Thankfully, there are some options for the hygienic needs of females in the prepper world. You can stock up on sanitary napkins, tampons or both. However, having a stockpile will only last so long. Consider purchasing reusable products such as cloth pads, even if you save them for after you’ve run out of disposable products.

Some men find this topic somewhat difficult to talk or read about, and that’s fine; simply pass the knowledge on to a friend who you know may need it. While females have separate hygienic needs than men, we all need to take care of our teeth. Check out how you can keep a healthy set of teeth, even after SHTF.

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