Preventing Christmas Tree Disasters

Preventing Christmas Tree Disasters

( – While hubby puts the star on top and the children finish spreading silvery tinsel to-and-fro, you stand back to admire this year’s Christmas tree. Yep, she’s absolutely amazing! But, aren’t they all in their own special way — that is until something goes wrong and that beauty becomes an unthinkable disaster.

Most never consider how quick a shimmering Christmas Tree can become a major catastrophe. Mike, at Eugene Springfield Fire, would like to explain how devastating this can be.

Maybe you are thinking, well, I am safe; my tree is artificial. Think again. Artificial trees also pose severe hazards to homes. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 44% of recent data showed that fires started from electrical problems.

The issue here seems to be extension cords and lights. Fortunately, you can take precautionary measures to reduce the risk. To begin, make sure your extension cords are UL listed. Likewise, you can avoid fire risk of overheating by using extension cords suitable for the load needed. Additionally, never plug two or more cords together, and make sure you avoid putting them under rugs or furniture.

When it comes to lights, they should also be UL listed and designated for indoor use only. Additionally, you should always avoid using any light strings with frayed, bare, or excessive wear to the wire. Whenever possible, use LED lights. Not only are they energy efficient but, they are more durable, won’t burn out, and don’t heat up, which decreases the risk of a fire.

So, when you are out using safety tips for your holiday shopping, consider picking up some LED lights to light your tree safely.

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