Protests in Your State? 6 Items You Should Carry

Protests in Your State? 6 Items You Should Carry

( – America continues to see protests and riots throughout the country. Of course, the best way to stay clear of trouble is to simply avoid the action. This, however, isn’t always an option. If you find yourself needing to go through one of these demonstrations, here are a few key things to carry with you.

Face Protection

Many places are requiring face coverings now anyway. There is great debate as to whether we should wear a mask or not. However, a protest could quickly become COVID’s dream, spreading like wildfire. The type of mask or covering you wear matters too, for health reasons and your safety.

Wearing a mask or covering that may provoke people to attack you or target you isn’t ideal. Bright colored masks draw attention as do sadly MAGA and Trump masks, especially since the people in that area are likely against the president.

A Jacket

Not ideal for summer weather, but if your life potentially depends on it, it is. The jacket doesn’t have to be thick, it can be a light jacket, such as a rain jacket or jean jacket. Why the jacket though? Well, it’s in case you find your choice of T-shirt brings too much attention to you.

Again, MAGA, Trump, or even a “Back the Blue” shirt can bring the wrath of the mob upon you. Many people may simply just get in your face and yell, but there are also those that will sucker punch you. Once you’re on the ground you’re susceptible to being beaten unconscious or possibly to death. The idea of the jacket is to blend in and avoid unnecessary conflict.

First Aid Kit

While some of these protests start off and stay peaceful, most erupt into violent storms rather quickly. We’ve seen the darker side of humanity as people of every ethnicity and religion have been beaten and disfigured by these mobs.

For yourself, a friend, or even just someone who needs help, a first aid or trauma kit can be literal life-savers. There’s likely going to be bleeding; both the first aid kit and trauma kit will help stop this. A spare first aid kit in the car on top of a trauma kit is a great idea.


By “shoes” we mean real shoes, not flip-flops, not heels, real solid shoes. As stated before these protests can turn violent fast and you’ll need to be able to act accordingly. You may need to pivot, run, and turn quickly to avoid being attacked. Casual shoes have their place in the world, but a protest that can erupt like a volcano at any time isn’t one of them.


Communication is key in any situation. Rumor has it that during times of unrest law enforcement can actually cut cell phone communications— all the more reason to have an alternative.

One great option is the Baofeng UV 5R; programmed correctly it can perform a number of things. Not only can it allow you to communicate with others and pass around information, but it can actually be programmed to be used as a scanner. You scan the emergency communications such as police, fire, and paramedics to provide you with updates and accurate and vital information regarding your area. These need to be programmed and practiced in order to be used effectively and efficiently.

Less Than Lethal Tools

Carrying a gun is a great way to protect yourself. The truth is however, not everyone can do this, and not everyone is willing to take the shot. This is where the non-lethal weapons come into play, bringing you both protection and peace of mind. Stun guns are very effective at disbanding would-be attackers; though they are for close-range use only.

Mace is a great way to fend off attackers as well, and it provides you with some range. Larger canisters can be used in bigger crowds if need be. Just be sure to test it before your life depends on it. Another thing to look out for is the direction of the wind. You don’t want to blind yourself and be vulnerable and at the mercy of your attacker.

An alternative to mace could be wasp-killer. Though not ideal, it can pose serious health risks to your attackers, then again so is a chestful of lead. Some of these sprays have a range of 15-25 feet, giving you plenty of room.

It’s safe to say if you’re in fear of your life, you should do anything you can to protect yourself.

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