Rabbit: A Sustainable Backyard Meat

Rabbit: A Sustainable Backyard Meat

(SurvivalDaily.com) – There are several animals you can breed and eat right from your backyard. However, the rabbit seems to be the best of the bunch, thanks to several factors. Just be careful, as you can’t live off of rabbit meat alone.

When looking at other at-home meat options, you’ll see there are several animals to choose from, like chickens. However, raising them can be complicated. On the other hand, rabbits are easy to breed, simple to feed, and have multiple uses.

Rabbits breed rapidly and quickly reach adulthood, making them an ideal choice for meat. Once you’ve killed and butchered a rabbit, you can also use the skin for several applications.

For example, rabbit meat can be an excellent substitute for chicken meat. You can use all your favorite chicken recipes when cooking rabbit.

If you’re concerned with space, don’t be. Rabbits need very little to live, making them an excellent alternative for chickens when you have limited space.

While rabbits are an easy to raise food source, they shouldn’t be your only food source. You need to mix rabbit meat with other types of food to avoid a medical condition. Check out rabbit starvation and see how it impacts your health and how you can prevent it.

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