Storing Your Dried Herbs

Storing Your Dried Herbs

( – We talked about how to dry your herbs in an earlier article. Now has come the time to talk about how to store them. Happily, the storage of herbs is just as easy as drying them.

Once you’ve successfully dried your herbs, you’ll need to store them. First, you must choose how you would like to keep them. You can choose to store the leaves either whole or crumbled. Either is good and doesn’t affect their shelf life.

Next, you’ll want to choose a container to store your dried herbs. We recommend using glass jars or containers. However, plastic works well, too, as long as the containers are airtight. It may be true that plastic doesn’t look as lovely as glass, but both are safe, and no matter what you choose, the freshness of your herbs won’t be affected.

It’s best to store your dried herbs in a cool, dry, and dark place. Kitchen cabinets are a favorite place for many.

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