Prepare for Fuel Shortages and High Prices

Surviving $5/gal Gas and Beyond

( – The recent cyberattack on the Colonial pipeline has lead to a massive spike in demand for gasoline.  To top that off, many states are now seeing gas stations running out of fuel completely. It isn’t hard to imagine this is going to drive up the price of fuel (if it can even be found in your area).

How can you prepare for increasing gas prices and potential fuel shortages? Read on to find out.

Fuel is essential to our everyday lives. It makes the world go round. It doesn’t literally rotate Planet Earth, however, it does power everything from compact cars to big rigs. Stocking up on fuel is one of the best things you can do if prices ever hit or exceed the $5/gal mark.

Doing this helps you avoid consuming a lot of fuel running to a gas station, saving you money. Additionally, supply chains will also be stressed when fuel prices go up, leading to shortages.

Another thing you can do is stock up on fuel before prices get outrageous. The only downfall to this is that you will need proper containers for storage. The problem is the fact that gas doesn’t stay good forever on its own. However, you can use a fuel stabilizer and bring it “back to life.”

Gas powers various necessities like our vehicles, generators, and many tools. Not being able to afford fuel can seriously impact someone’s life.

In addition to preparing for expensive gas, you need to take care of your automobile or truck. Be sure to check out how to maintain your vehicle to ensure it enjoys a long and healthy life and serves you well in good times and bad ones.

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