What’s in Your Pockets?

What’s in Your Pockets?

(SurvivalDaily.com) – What’s in your pockets? Can you live without it, and if so, for how long? How much of an inconvenience would it be if it were taken from you?

A lot of men carry all of their valuables in their pockets or some type of bag. Women spice it up between pockets, clutches, purses and an assortment of other accessories.

Most of us have one or two forms of ID. We keep bank cards, credit cards, health insurance cards, phones, keys, and other items necessary for survival in today’s tech-driven world where we access our banks or what’s going on in Afghanistan with a few spoken words or finger entry on our devices.

Suffice to say, we depend on our pocket contents to survive and carry out the functions of day to day living.

You could be shopping at the mall with your family, riding the subway, or standing in line to enter the stadium of your favorite sports team when a pickpocket finds his way into your life.

He or she is standing behind you, unzips your purse, backpack, whatever article you use to transport and keep your items secure, and now you have a really bad day.

Defend Your Goods

There are a few methods you can use to minimize your risk of being the next target of a thief.

If carrying a backpack, use a small lock to keep those items secure. If you’re carrying a satchel or purse try to carry it in the front of your body. When standing in or walking through a larger crowd, place one hand over the zipper area while holding the bag itself.

Pickpockets are looking for easy prey and those who aren’t paying attention. They’re looking for those entranced with their phones or in deep conversation, those unlikely to notice that slight bump.

Try limiting what you carry on yourself that might catch the attention of these scoundrels. If you can get away from bags with over the shoulder straps or backpack bags, it is harder for a pickpocket to take them from you.

Many people these days use carrying bags just large enough to hold an ID, bank card, tampon, and maybe a phone. These bags have a strap that goes over your wrist and is held in the hand at the same time. When we talk about self-protection, two layers are always better than one.

Refrain from placing wallets, phones and other valuables in your back pockets. If you must carry items in your pockets, it’s harder to take them from your front pockets than your rear pockets.

Phone cases are now made with built-in ID and bank cardholders. This is great in theory, until someone takes your phone from your hand, or you set it down and it’s stolen. Keep your cards in your front pocket, and the phone in a separate one. Laziness or overuse of products designed to make our lives more comfortable is quite often a thief’s dream environment.

Avoid tourist attractions during busy times of the day, when possible. These areas draw large crowds and make it easier for them to blend in and rob you of your valuables.

Also, avoid drinking in excess in public. Hotel bars, lobbies, and bars, in general, are a great place for a pickpocket to operate. You’re either a little drunk, or somewhere that feels like home for at least a day. A drunk target is an easy target. A target at home or that feels at home is an easy target.

When you’re out in public, if you see something that seems off, out of place or just hectic; try not to focus on it. Stay focused on your personal safety and that of any loved ones or friends with you. Often thieves work together in pairs or groups. They may be creating a distraction to make you an easier target. The distraction could be a group or just a couple of scantily clad women. It could be what looks like a couple in a heated argument. It could even be a parent scolding a child. Thieves like using children as a distraction because it makes them seem less threatening and more human.

Vigilance, situational awareness, and a little preparedness are the best safeguards to avoid pickpockets when we are all here trying to live our best lives.

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