4 Ways You Can Use Wood Ash

4 Ways You Can Use Wood Ash

(SurvivalDaily.com) – Chances are, when you look at wood ash, you don’t think twice about it. In reality, wood ash is a useful resource and is easily available. There are numerous ways to use it. Check out some below.

Need some details? Let’s take a closer look.

#1 Protectant/Preservative

Many people don’t realize it, but wood ash can be a great way to protect stored seeds or even produce. Simply cover seeds and produce in a layer of ash. This will offer some protection from insects that may otherwise find the supplies before you need them.

#2 Deter Pests

No one likes their garden being destroyed by pesky insects. Simply sprinkle some wood ash around your garden, and it will cause ants to relocate as well as deter snails and slugs. You can also spread the ash in your basement and other areas to deter mice, cockroaches and rats.

#3 Chicken Bath

Wood ash is great for mixing with sand and letting chickens bathe in. Many types of birds bathe in dust to rid themselves of external parasites and dirt.

#4 Clean Fireplace Doors

As crazy as it might sound to clean a fireplace door with wood ash, the practice actually works well. Simply take a damp sponge, dip it into wood ash and wipe the glass doors. Remember that wood ash is an abrasive, so it’ll take that nasty soot right off.

Wood ash is just another resource we often overlook the value of. Check out these other uses for wood ash and remember them next time you see a pile of ash just sitting there.

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