Best Ways to Store Batteries Long Term

Best Ways to Store Batteries Long Term

( – If you’re like many of us, you have batteries stored in various places throughout the house. Most will wind up in that infamous junk drawer, a few in an office desk drawer, maybe the change dish on a bedroom dresser or even the freezer. Question is, how do you really store batteries properly for the long term?

PreppingOver50 has a suggestion.

According to Panasonic, you want to keep batteries in their original packaging to keep them protected from humidity, which could affect battery power. This also keeps them from being tossed in a drawer, mixed with old batteries or metal surfaces that could cause a reaction.

Aside from original packaging, manufacturers suggest storing batteries in a cool, dry area away from sunlight — not the refrigerator! Sunlight and heat cause them to self-discharge, and if they’re too cold, humidity will have a negative effect on them.

Ideal storage is a dark, dry area at 59 degrees Fahrenheit. 

PreppingOver50 has a legitimate idea. Plastic cases keep the batteries stored in a uniform fashion, which means their terminals won’t accidentally come in contact with one another or other metal objects, avoiding possible short circuits. And essentially, they could be stored in any dark, dry, climate-controlled area.

But the video forgot one crucial point: humidity. No worries: I have the fix for that! Drop a silica gel packet or two in each container to absorb any moisture.

Now that we’ve learned how to store batteries properly for the long term, don’t forget to add them to your bug out bag list.

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