Butt Bucket Full of Weed Killer and Pesticide

Butt Bucket Full of Weed Killer and Pesticide

(SurvivalDaily.com) – We all have bad habits; however, not all of them can serve a second purpose. Cigarette smoking is a terrible habit, but millions of people use tobacco. Filters can reduce the amount of tar smokers breathe in, but a cigarette butt’s usefulness doesn’t end there.

Gardeners have several pests they need to deter from their garden. Whether these pests are rodents, insects or even other plants, they typically go to the store to buy products to protect their garden.

Little do they know that they can use cigarette butts to create a deterrent. Even non-smokers have friends who smoke; have them throw their butts into a lidded bucket with some water in it. Let the butts sit for about a week, or even longer, and then pour the nasty nicotine tea into a small sprayer and use it to kill weeds.

Simply cut the weeds down as far as you can and spray them with the solution. They won’t be coming back. You can also recycle cigarette butts for a pesticide, basically by using the same process. Here’s a video depicting how to make a pesticide using old cigarette butts.

If working with cigarette butts isn’t appealing to you — and let’s be honest, it probably is not — check out these natural ways to stop pests from destroying your garden.

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