Combat Tactics Following TEOTWAWKI


( – When SHTF, everyone needs to be prepared to fight for their lives. Unfortunately, not everyone understands just how horrific a ‘without rule of law’ (WROL) situation could potentially get, so they tend to overlook preparing to fight for their lives. Should the world ever descend into chaos, those who haven’t prepared will be in for a rude awakening.

For those with the foresight to prepare for the worst, choosing a starting point can be a bit intimidating. When it comes to preparing for survival in a post-apocalyptic scenario, specifically combat, it may be best to look at what works now. For example, strategy and tactics are essential in modern warfare. They’ll be even more useful when it’s every man or woman for themselves.


Map-reading skills are invaluable after SHTF, especially if your GPS is inoperable or you don’t have one available. Your ability to read a map and navigate efficiently can make the difference between life and death in a variety of predicaments. Additionally, map skills can help you avoid risky locations before you stumble into them. GPS is great, but likely won’t be around after SHTF.

If you have a bug-out location (BOL), you should have a map covering your current location, your BOL, and the surrounding area.

Using and Maintaining a Firearm

The proper use and maintenance of firearms are essential. Having the best gear you can afford serves no purpose if you don’t know how to use it properly. You can have a high-end firearm, but not knowing how to operate it can result in injury or death.

Likewise, if you don’t know how to maintain a firearm properly, it becomes susceptible to misfires and jamming, leading to injury or death.

Firearm maintenance includes knowing how to:

  • Properly use your firearm,
  • Dismantle it,
  • Clean and lubricate its internal and external parts
  • Properly assemble it.

Remember, a gun is only as good as its handler!


The ability to properly camouflage yourself can prove extremely useful in any SHTF scenario. It’s especially true if you don’t want to engage with another group. Camouflage skills aren’t combat-specific. The idea of camouflage is to blend in with your surrounding area to avoid detection.

Additionally, it’s not just dressing up in BDUs. I can also include dressing like everyone else in your city or becoming a grey man. The idea is to avoid being detected for your safety and survival. For that reason, learning proper camouflage techniques is a critical skill to learn, practice, and perfect.

Combat First Aid

No matter what scenario you find yourself in, whether it be a natural disaster or a societal collapse, there’s always the possibility of injury. Emergency personnel and first responders will be hard to find and likely stretched thin when SHTF. Additionally, hospitals, if they’re still operational, are probably going to be overwhelmed.

In these situations, you will serve as your family or group’s first responder and trauma expert. For that reason, you should always have a good first-aid kit regardless of the circumstances. They’re an essential part of any household.

Additionally, make sure you are up to date on current first aid techniques. Having a high-end first aid kit, and knowing how to use it are two different things.

Reacting Quickly and Decisively

The ability to act in SHTF situations instead of reacting to them is essential. In fact, if you’re not prepared to take action in an organized manner it can be the determining factor between whether you live or die. That may sound harsh, but the possibility is a reality.

You need to be able to keep a calm demeanor, even when it seems like the world around you is collapsing. You can’t afford to panic and freeze. You need to use every second to your advantage.

The time to prepare is in the here and now. Today!

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