Drought Survival

Drought Survival

(SurvivalDaily.com) – Droughts are very serious and are more common than most people think. Whether it be from lack of rainfall, or simply the heat of the area you live in, droughts can happen just about anywhere. A drought is when there is a shortage of water typically due to lack of rain. When you add in extreme heat things only get worse.

So how can you survive a drought? The first step in surviving a drought is being prepared. In places where droughts occur frequently, people conserve their water use; some even collect rainwater and store it for later.

But what if droughts rarely occur where you live? It’s hard to be prepared for something you didn’t know was going to happen. But those are exactly the sort of things we need to look for, because they can be the most life-threatening to us.

One way to be able to gather water during a drought is to use a solar still, as shown below.

Another way to obtain moisture is through plants that have a natural defense against droughts and can hold moisture during the toughest of times. You can also tap trees, which is just basically putting a spout into the trunk of a tree to allow water to flow.

Chewing on leaves — even chewing on pine needles can help hydrate you. You can also dig deep enough to hit water in most cases, though this water needs to be filtered and cleaned. In severe cases, if you do happen to stumble across a puddle, dig a small hole next to the puddle and allow water to come up through the bottom of the hole; this water is dirty but drinkable.

Being a survivor is all about preparation, even for the most unlikely scenarios. We get used to being prepared for certain things based on where we live, but have to keep in mind that one of the biggest threats to our survival is that our environment could change at a moment’s notice. Planning now saves us from paying the consequences later.

Have you ever face a drought? What actions did you take to survive? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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