Drying Herbs…the Right Way

Drying Herbs...the Right Way

(SurvivalDaily.com) – Herbs are a great way to season food, make herbal tea, and supplement home remedies. An essential part of processing herbs for use is drying them out. Misilla demonstrates how she harvests and dries sage on her YouTube channel, Learn to Grow.

There are several ways to dry your herbs. However, one system has been around for what seems like forever — the air-dry method. Preferred by many chefs and apothecaries, you can go one of two routes when employing this practice.

First, take a bunch of cut herbs, about an inch worth in diameter, and bind them together with a rubber band to hold them tightly as they dry and shrink. Hang the bunch upside down and allow the plants to dry out. Once they’re dried, you can crumble the leaves into a container and preserve them.

Second, take individual leaves off the plant and lay them out on a tray or drying rack. Be careful there isn’t too much airflow to avoid having your leaves blow away. Dark and temperate areas work best for drying your herbs, but you can use whatever space you have available.

No matter which of these two methods you choose, the drying process will take about one week to complete. If you live in a humid climate, the drying time may take longer.

Herbs can add the flavor you need to your foods, especially meats. Check out how you can preserve meat using salt and stock up on herbs and meat, and be the best post-SHTF fan chef possible.

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