Using Pantyhose for Preservation


( – Many people feel like they buy fruits and vegetables just to watch them rot in the refrigerator or gather fruit flies on the counter. Tossing bad produce in the trash or out in the compost means one thing: More money down the drain!

Here is a surprising trick that could save you some money… and clear out old pantyhose and nylons from the dresser!

Check it out for yourself.

Not only are pantyhose cheaper than plastic containers and all the other fancy equipment, but they also allow fresh vegetables and fruits to keep longer.

Here are just a few examples of the foods that prefer pantyhose. Make sure the ones you use are light-colored and clean:

  • Cucumbers – Store in pantyhose OUTSIDE of the refrigerator (cold makes them spoil faster) and away from melons, tomatoes and bananas.
  • Apples/Oranges – Drop one into the toe, tie it off, drop another in and repeat. Remove as needed. Store on the counter or hang.
  • Potatoes – Same as the apples and oranges. Don’t wash off dirt and hang for good air circulation to prevent rotting.
  • Carrots – Cut off greenery for sweetness and don’t wash until use.

Now that the secret is out on how to preserve fruits and vegetables, it’s time to get a move on the root cellar in the basement.

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