Habits to Develop a Survival Mindset

Habits to Develop a Survival Mindset

(SurvivalDaily.com) – You’ve likely read about the “survival mindset” and how important it is to have in an emergency situation. But, what can you do to help develop this? Can you turn daily routines into exercises that train your mind?

The answer is yes, you can — and we’re going to share some of these routines with you.


This is an often overlooked aspect of prepping and survivalism, but its importance cannot be overstated. If things go bad, being in good health and in top form is going to go a long way towards your survival. Even without being in a crisis situation, staying fit will improve your quality of life and help you develop a survival mindset.

Training every day to improve your body takes grit, determination, and discipline — all of which are qualities that’ll serve you well in an emergency. One way to get physically fit and to train your mind is to enroll in martial arts classes. Not only will they help you stay active, you’ll also learn valuable self-defense skills.

Practice Situational Awareness

This is a big one. Learn to be constantly aware of your surroundings, which sounds a lot easier than it really is. As with anything though, the more you practice the better you get. Here are some tips to improve your situational awareness:

  • Identify items that are near you, and then categorize them. For example — the bar in the restaurant could be cover for an active shooter, and the salt could be used as a weapon to throw in an aggressor’s eyes. This technique can be used everywhere, including in your home. If you know where everything is supposed to be, it will be much easier to tell if something is out of place — tipping you off if someone has broken in, for instance.
  • Know your entrances and exits. Any time you enter a building, or a room, note the entrances and exits. This will give you valuable information should anything happen and you need to make a quick escape. For example, if there’s a fire, you don’t want to scramble looking for an exit at the last minute.
  • Analyze the people around you. Learn to watch those around you in day-to-day life. Look for nervousness, agitation, and other emotions on display that could be a potential warning sign. This is a great skill to develop as it can make you aware of dangers before they become imminent, such as someone following you.

Get a USEFUL Hobby

Building models is a great way to pass time, but if you can incorporate survival skills into your hobbies, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. There are obvious hobbies such as hunting and fishing that are going to increase your survival skill set. But there are other things you can do, Geocaching for example.

Geocaching will improve both your GPS skills and your ability to think critically. It’ll also help you to look for hidden caches of items— and teach you how to hide your own.

A few other hobbies you could consider picking up would be canning, beekeeping, leatherworking, camping and/or woodworking. All of these will build your skills. As a bonus, they are all fun!

The greatest tool one can ever have in their arsenal is the mind. The more you develop and train it, the better your survival mindset will serve you when you need it. Practice will make you react faster and better when it counts.

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