How to Be a Gray Man


( – When disaster strikes, you will have plenty of problems to worry about; becoming the target of a marauder should not be one of them. Unfortunately, when things do go bad, the worst of society tends to slither out. To avoid these elements, one needs to embrace the way of the grey man.

The concept of the grey man is to blend into your surroundings and the crowd to such a degree that no one will notice you; to be so unremarkable that you essentially become invisible. How many times have you gone into a store and walked by people who are so plain that you barely even knew they were there? This is the goal of the grey man.

Situational Camouflage

The first aspect of becoming a grey man is to know the people and the environment you’re in. If’s winter, running around in shorts and a tank top is going to make you stand out. If you’re in a poor neighborhood and wearing Gucci clothing, you’re not going to blend in.

Knowing how to dress for the environment will go a long way toward blending in. The same concept applies to your backpack as well. If you’re carrying a GHB (Get Home Bag), you want it to appear to be nothing more than a school bag or an office bag. Walking around with a molle bag covered in accessories is going to send up a red flag to any predators in the area, and they’ll want to take what you have.

Your clothing should be a neutral color, nothing bright or flashy that catches the eye. Avoid wearing anything with logos that would draw attention, unless you’re somewhere (a sporting event for example) where not having a logo would make you stand out.

Hide shiny items in your bag or pockets to help reduce the amount of attention you get. Carry items that can help you change your looks quickly, too, such as a hat or sunglasses.

Control Your Movements

It isn’t just what you wear that draws attention; it’s also how you move. If you’re making bold movements, such as waving your arms or running, people are going to notice you. The way of the grey man is to make small movements that don’t stand out from the crowd.

If you’re in an emergency situation, act as panicked and confused as those around you. The idea here is to always go with the flow of the crowd. If you need to get out of the crowd, make your way forward and across it; don’t try to go against it.

While moving, stay as quiet as possible. This will go hand in hand with your situational awareness as you travel. If you’re trying to blend in, do not kick the can in the street. If you have to make noise, try to do it when other things are going on that will distract potential onlookers.

The Uncontrollable

Unfortunately, for some of us, there are things that naturally make us catch the eye. For instance, if you’re taller than average, you’re going to stand out in a crowd. There isn’t much you can do about this aside from hunch over and make sure the rest of your appearance is non-descript.

Other factors, such as tattoos, long hair, a bald head or even facial hair can contribute negatively to your grey man status. Again, this is dependent upon the environment you’re in when the need to become the grey man arises. If you’re at a biker convention, these traits may very well help you blend in.

Fade Out

Know when you need to transition from the grey man to the “no longer there” man as well. Blending in with the crowd is a good tactic, but getting out of the crowd may be the best option (if someone opens fire on the crowd for example).

Even if you do have to fade out in such a scenario, having been the grey man before can be a great asset. If they can’t remember what you looked like, or if you were even there for that matter, they can’t hunt you down.

The concept of the grey man is to create as few stimuli as possible, so you avoid the attention of two-legged predators. The goal is always to remain safe, and avoiding conflict by staying hidden is a great start.

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