How To Survive A Winter Power Outage

( – Power outages are an incredible inconvenience no matter what the time year. They do, however, present some unique and extra concerning challenges during the winter months. Some parts of the country see freezing temps and snow on the ground as early as September. No power in frigid temps mean your pipes, fresh food supplies and personal health are all at risk.

The Canadian Prepper offers 10 tips to help you prepare in advance to survive a winter power outage. Keeping warm, protecting your pipes, creating light, preserving your food stores, finding a method of communication, and keeping everyone safe are among their top priorities.

So what are some of the things you should have on hand? Portable heaters, hand warmers, emergency blankets, a balacalava, and bubble insulation are just a few must-haves. Check out the full video for tips from a prepper who knows what it’s like to be stuck in the cold.

Prepare early for winter weather. Stocking up on needed supplies now will ensure you don’t have to risk the safety of anyone in your household by fighting crowds or tussling for must-have items in short supply.

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