Using Mouthwash for Survival… Really.

Listerine's Magic Survival Uses

( – Almost any item can be used in ways that go beyond its original, intended applications. For survivalists, learning to maximize the potential of everyday items not only increases the product’s worth, but also increases the redundancy of their preps. With a bit of outside-the-box thinking just about anything can be put to use in a survival situation.

Take mouthwash for instance. Yes, it is great for oral health, but did you know it could do all of this?

To be honest, using Cool Mint Listerine for itchy scalp and a way to rid yourself of dandruff isn’t really surprising. If you’ve ever used a “minty” shampoo, you feel the effects it has. Here are a few other survival uses for mouthwash:

  • Antiseptic. Kills bacteria, not just as a mouthwash but also for cuts and scrapes.
  • Lice Treatment. Listerine contains thymol, which combats lice.
  • Blisters. The antiseptic properties will clean a blister, while the menthol may aid in numbing the pain.
  • Anti-Itch Ointment. Relieves inflammation and itchiness of bug bites, bee stings and rashes like poison ivy.

In a pinch, mouthwash can increase the medical arsenal available in most people’s bathrooms. Don’t forget mouthwash’s intended use as well. Even in a SHTF environment, dental hygiene is important.

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