Long-Term Seed Storage

Long-Term Seed Storage

(SurvivalDaily.com) – Seeds give us a way to grow our food time and time again. However, as with any item, seeds need proper storage for long-term situations. The Provident Prepper on YouTube shows one way to package seeds and other dry foods for storage.

Using a mylar bag to store seeds is a good way to help prevent moisture from getting to them and causing them to sprout. When storing the seeds, make sure you place the bags in a cool, dry, dark area with a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower; areas such as a garage or storage room aren’t ideal as they experience temperature fluctuations.

While not a necessary part of storing seeds, rotating your stockpile every few years doesn’t hurt anything. After all, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a fresh stock. Besides, you’re already gardening anyway… right?

Before storing your seeds, be sure to spread them out and let them dry sufficiently to avoid any sprouting. You don’t specifically need a mylar bag to store seeds; you can also use a standard Ziplock bag, an envelope or even an old pill bottle.

Be sure to check out these natural defenses against pests to protect your garden, and if you’re looking to store water for long-term situations, see how you can here, no rotation needed.

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