No Can Opener… No Problem!

No Can Opener... No Problem!

( – Canned foods are a big part of many people’s preps as they have a decent shelf life. However, not all cans are created with convenient pull tabs – they require a can opener to open them… or do they?

In a situation where the can opener breaks or one simply isn’t available, you can still get into a can of food. It just takes a little know-how. Here are a couple of ways to do it.


Yes, you can open a can of food using a spoon. Now, you’re going to need a strong one to pull this off. First, hold your can firmly between your legs to keep it against the floor or a sturdy seat.

Next, take the tip of the spoon and place it at a 45-degree angle along the crease of the can. You’ll want the side you eat from facing the can and the rounded edge facing up. Press down as hard as you’re able to and move it back and forth along the crease.

After you’ve scraped the same spot on the crease for some time, you’ll notice dust and shavings from the spoon wearing through the can. Be sure to keep the area clean to avoid contaminating your food. After a while you’ll create a small hole, where you can pry the can open with the spoon.


It may seem crazy, but you can simply rub the top of the can against concrete or a coarse brick, and it will file down the lip. After a few minutes of consistently rubbing the top, you should be able to pry the can open. If you can’t, continue to rub the top.

Arkansas Preparedness Network demonstrates how to use concrete to open a can below.

After you’ve opened your can, don’t throw it away; it can still be useful. Check out how you can make a survival stove from a used soup can.

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