Safe Holiday Shopping Tips

Safe Holiday Shopping Tips

( – It has been a tumultuous year to say the least, but here we are at the home stretch, and Christmas isn’t far away. When it seems like so much has been taken from us already this year, it’s important to look at ways to ensure we stay safe while shopping for this holiday season.

Thieves are always a major issue during the Christmas shopping season, and this year will be no different. In fact, due to the coronavirus, it may be even worse than years before. Always stay alert! Be aware of your surroundings and the shoppers around you; don’t become so distracted looking for that perfect gift that you put yourself in harm’s way.

Remember the rule about safety in numbers? Well, it applies to holiday shopping. Go out with a group of friends or family versus doing it solo. This will assure that there will be more than one person helping to keep an eye on children, purses and surrounding people.

Planning to check out more than one store? Make it a point to lock all your purchases in your trunk. Believe it or not, criminals are hanging out in parking lots surveying what people are putting in their vehicles. Some will even follow you to your next destination, especially if they think you’re an easy target.

Always park in a well-lit area. Before you even exit the store, make sure you have your keys in hand. This will not only save you time getting into your vehicle, but if needed they can also serve as a weapon. Never allow a “friendly” stranger to help you with your packages. What may seem like a kind gesture could turn into a dangerous situation rather quickly.

Once you’ve finished shopping, head for your vehicle, keys in hand. After you have everything, including yourself, safely inside, lock all doors and leave. This is not the time to get on your phone and text, make a phone call or even take time to balance that checkbook. Just head home!

You may get home and find that you forgot to hunt up stocking stuffers for that survivalist, but at least you’re home, safe and sound.

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