Surprising Uses of Dryer Lint

Surprising Uses of Dryer Lint

( – An item we throw away almost daily is the lint that gets caught in the dryer’s trap. The by-product of machine-drying our clothes, lint has many uses. For this reason, it may be ideal to keep lint rather than throw it away.

Failure to clean a dryer’s lint trap is the main cause of dryer-related fires, so it’s no surprise that dryer lint is great to have around and use as a fire starter. In addition to its flammable properties, dryer lint also has great insulating characteristics, which also makes it good for pet bedding or, in extreme situations, bedding for you.

For people who don’t use dryer sheets, which can contaminate the lint with unwanted chemicals, there’s the option to use it as a way to start seeds. Thanks to its composition, lint is also biodegradable, making it a great option for your compost.

Dryer lint is one of many items we commonly see as garbage. Check out how you can use tires in a survival situation rather than taking them to a recycling center.

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