Survival Secrets of Hydrogen Peroxide

Survival Secrets of Hydrogen Peroxide

( – Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) works well as an antiseptic and bleaching agent. However, did you know there are several secret uses for the chemical? Many of these uses can be applied to survival. Check this out:

Aside from killing the infection in a cut or scrape, H2O2 can treat insect bites as well. Take note that you shouldn’t use anything more than the 3% grade solution, as higher concentrations may cause harm. Even weaker solutions can damage broken skin and slow healing, warns Cleveland Clinic — but when SHTF, avoiding infection may be a bigger priority.

When faced with a survival situation, some people might overlook one major aspect, hygiene — and even more so, dental hygiene. Hydrogen peroxide can keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Not only can it clean your toothbrush, but it can also work as a mouthwash and even give you whiter teeth.

The compound can help out in the garden as well. Add a teaspoon of peroxide for every cup of water, and you can help your plants grow big and strong. You can also use a 10/90 mix of peroxide and water to kill weeds, but use cautiously; this mixture will kill your other plants too.

Keeping cuts and scrapes clean helps avoid infection and further complications. While you can use hydrogen peroxide to help sanitize a wound, you should still find a way to cover it. Check out these bandages you can make yourself or, in this case, grow.

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