Survival Tips, Tricks and Skills

Survival Tips, Tricks and Skills

( – Surviving is just like any other skill out there. Different people have certain tips and tricks that can help them survive. There’s always room for improvement, and therefore the need to learn is always present. Check out these tips, tricks and skills that can help you survive should the time ever arise.

There are hundreds of skills you can pick up to help you survive. You may have learned that aluminum foil is more than a way to cover your food, or maybe you know how to find your direction without a compass. The point is that it’s easy to overlook simple items we can use to survive, which brings us to the first skill a survivor should have: resourcefulness.

One must be able to use certain items in specific ways in order to survive. Having the skill and knowledge to make natural rope is huge, for example. Rope is an important item to have in a survival situation, but you don’t always have a supply handy. You can make rope from a number of materials, especially certain tree barks.

Another important skill to have is the ability to forage for your own food. There’s more to it than just finding a berry on a bush. Some berries are toxic, and you need to know how to distinguish between poisonous berries and edible ones. When in a survival situation, you can’t afford to get sick.

Again, these are only a fraction of the skills you can learn to aid in your survival. A desperate situation doesn’t always involve a crashed plane in the middle of nowhere; sometimes it’s right in your back yard. For people who live in urban environments or may get stranded in one, one check out how to stay gray in an urban area; staying gray allows you to blend in and not become a target.

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