Surviving An Angry Mob

Surviving An Angry Mob

( – Civil unrest has proven to be a major threat since 2020. Not only have businesses been burnt to the ground and entire city blocks conquered by rioters, but ordinary citizens have been attacked in the streets. While most people do their best to avoid being in areas where civil unrest has erupted, there is always the chance of becoming caught up in a riot as it first begins.

Should you find yourself stuck in an angry mob, or worse yet, the target of one, there are some actions you can take to survive.

Assess the Situation

First, assess the crowd as quickly as possible. Look to see if anyone has weapons; if so how many? Try to determine the demeanor of the crowd; do they appear violent, or are they just yelling and screaming? Identify possible escape routes — don’t rely on only one, as the shape of the crowd can change quickly. Assess the situation and process your information into a plan with haste.

Taking Action

Here’s what to do when you find yourself at the center of attention.

If you feel absolutely confident that the crowd isn’t a violent threat, you do have the option to just let them yell and scream. Eventually, they might give up. However, you should continue to assess the group; they could become violent at a moment’s notice. Even if your plan is to wait it out, you should still scan the area for escape routes while you’re waiting.

You do have the choice to call the police for help. However, the current situation in the US may make this option less reliable. Police are stretched thin between riots, protests, and defunding efforts; they may be unable to respond quickly.

If your assessment leads you believe that the crowd is about to become violent, you may have to take more desperate measures. Escape should always be the number one priority — but you might have to fight your way out. A common self-defense tactic is to pick one person from the crowd and focus any use of force on only them. Your goal is to create a hole in the mob through which you can pass.

If you’re backed into a corner, you may be forced to do whatever it takes to escape and get to safety. This includes more aggressive forms of force. Ultimately, you always have the right to defend yourself if you believe your life is at risk.

Using Weaponry

When it comes to weapons, there are no simple answers.

Stun guns are good against a single attacker. Up against an entire crowd, they become less useful. After all, you can’t exactly target multiple people at the same time.

Pepper spray is another potential option, but it should be used with care to avoid accidental blowback. If you must use it, spray it in an “S” pattern toward the crowd to clear a path directly in front of you.

Firearms are effective and useful when used responsibly and correctly. Just remember that during times of unrest, legal issues can arise. Weapons can be useful in certain situations, but depending on what you’re carrying, it may be better to avoid using it.

Never point your weapon at anything you aren’t willing to shoot.

Final Thoughts

Mobs can quickly become violent. Events like these are hard to prepare for, as we never know when or where they may occur. Use your situational awareness to stay ahead of the crowd and remain alert at all times.

Truthfully, if you’re a single person against a crowd of angry protestors, do whatever you need to get out and survive. There is no such thing as “cheating” when the fight is against a crowd of people who potentially want to maim or even kill you.

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