This “Handy” Trick Measures Remaining Daylight

This “Handy” Trick Measures Remaining Daylight

( – It’s been a great day fishing, but you’re a long way from your vehicle, and it’s getting close to dark. If you could, you’d just look at your watch and check the time. Today, you discovered it wasn’t as waterproof as you thought. Will you make it back before dark? If only you had some way to tell how much daylight was remaining.

There’s a way, and Survival Tips shows how:

It’s pretty unique how our bodies tune in to nature sometimes. If only we could know and understand all the different ways it can. If we could, maybe we wouldn’t need to use so much technology. Either way, let’s look at how you can determine how much daylight is remaining just by using your hand.

I should let you know up front; there’s no guarantee this will work all the time. In some places, times may be a bit longer or a bit shorter than estimated. Additionally, this method won’t work at all on cloudy days. Aside from that, you’ll at least have a rough estimate.

How It’s Done

With your arm fully extended straight in front of you and the palm of your hand facing you put your fingers together and set your pinky finger on the horizon. Now measure the number of fingers between the horizon and bottom of the sun. Each finger equals 15 minutes. If needed, place your other hand on top of first to complete your count, and so on. Pretty neat trick, huh?

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