Using Alcohol to Survive


( – Alcohol has a ridiculous amount of uses, from drinking it yourself to being a substitute fuel source. It proves to be a very valuable asset in any kind of SHTF scenario, and sometimes it’s not necessarily the actual alcohol, but its container that proves useful. So how does one use alcohol beyond normal use?

Fire Starter

Alcohol, specifically hard alcohol, is a great fire starter. Simply soak a piece of cloth in it and light it on fire. It’d be ideal to soak the cloth and put small twigs and sticks in a teepee shape on top of the cloth. This way the fire will spread to the twigs and you can work your way up to a campfire.


Alcohol itself isn’t necessarily defensive, unless it’s against bacteria, but the containers can be. You can make a perimeter alarm with a beer can or a bottle. Simply put rocks into the can or bottle, tie a string or rope to it, and use the string to make a perimeter. The best way to do this is to put the container on a perch high off the ground, when someone or something bumps the line it will fall, and make enough noise to alert you.

Another good use for a beer can is to make arrowheads out of it. Obviously it wouldn’t have to be for the sake of self-defense, but if it’s all you have, so be it. Hitting an intruder or animal with an arrow can be just as effective as shooting them with a firearm. Bottles, on the other hand, can easily be used as a blunt weapon If you prefer a sharper edge, break the bottle at the bottom. Now you have a weapon that can cause some damage.


This may seem a little crazy, but beer cans prove to be useful fishing equipment. Afterall something is better than nothing, and when SHTF you’re likely to not have a fishing pole. Beer can tabs can actually be cut and bent in certain areas to create a fish hook, pretty cool right?

That’s not the only beer can fishing tip either. You can use the can itself for multiple things as well. You can use the can as a float, or bobber, or you can use it as your fishing reel. Sure sounds better to use a can than your hand or fingers. The best part is, you don’t even need the tab to accomplish this. So you can take the tab off, make a hook, then use the can as a reel.

If you’re feeling froggy, you could actually make an entire fishing system from two cans, excluding the line needed.

Medicinal Purposes

The most obvious medical purpose for alcohol is to clean and disinfect. This is typically for cuts, scrapes, and other open wounds. But alcohol can also be used to clean your teeth, and even soothe mouth pain. Vodka can essentially be used as a mouthwash, providing relief to your teeth and gums, though short-lived. The same goes for cleaning your mouth, swishing the alcohol around your mouth for about 30 seconds, just like mouthwash. Harder alcohols work best for this.

Coughing can be annoying especially when you’re trying to sleep. Don’t be fooled, a cough can prove to be bad for your overall health as well. Hot toddies are a great way to suppress a cough, and even clear out mucus. In turn they will help you sleep as well, and sleep is very important in the fight against illness.

Alcohol can also serve as first aid for poison ivy. Dab alcohol onto the affected area, diluting the oils and helping to keep the rash from spreading. If you pour the alcohol onto your skin, when it evaporates it may even dry out the rash and help reduce the spread of the rash.


Bugs are annoying, and some, such as mosquitoes, can spread disease. Alcohol can act as a bug repellent, mixing a small amount of lemongrass oil with vodka, place the mixture in a sprayer and you have an effective repellent for your area. Keeping them from biting is easy too, just mix vodka with olive oil and apply it to your skin.

If you do find yourself getting bit by a bug, no worries; alcohol can provide relief for that too. All you need to do is apply it to the bite.


Just about everyone has seen a chef splash alcohol on a dish, and even bartenders serve flaming cocktails. That’s not what’s being talked about though. You can actually pour alcohol into a glass, crack open an egg, allowing the contents to go into the alcohol. Leave it for about an hour. The egg white will be solid and the yolk will become firm.


Now it’s no surprise that alcohol, with its many uses and benefits, would be a popular bartering item. Everyone is going to want some form of alcohol if SHTF. Whether it be for personal use, medicinal use, or even to cook an egg. Demand will be high and you may get something even more valuable in return.

So next time you’re with your buddies having a few drinks, you can tell them all the cool uses for alcohol besides making yourself look dumb. Maybe you’ll wanna stock up or conserve your alcohol. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to always be safe.

Do you have any secret uses for alcohol that we didn’t mention here? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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