5 Overlooked SHTF Survival Items


(SurvivalDaily.com) – When prepping, it’s easy to overlook some common items that one might really want around after a major emergency. While it makes sense to focus on food, water and security, ignoring products that could provide a bit of comfort after a disaster is a mistake.

Even something as simple as a cup of coffee could be enough to get a brief bit of respite from the situation at hand.


For a large percentage of people, coffee is a necessity to make it through the day. That’s not going to change just because the world as we know it has ended — not to mention that coffee will become highly valuable and could be a serious bargaining chip for bartering in a post-collapse environment.


While electricity may be uncommon (or gone altogether) after SHTF, board games and card games can still help you pass the time. Games can also help you destress and get your mind off the fact your world as you know it has ended.


Books, for the same reason as games, can prove important after SHTF. After all, you’ll probably have some extra time on your hands — unless, of course, you’re too busy trying to survive. A book during moments of peace can boost morale.


Paper may seem useless on its own, but it has its place in a SHTF world. You can fold it into origami or paper planes for entertainment, or maybe you enjoy drawing. Then again, paper also makes a great fire starter and even a toilet paper substitute.

Hygiene Products

It’s hard to imagine people overlook their own hygiene, but some people do. Keeping yourself clean and sanitary is important to avoid infection and illnesses, both of which you don’t want after SHTF.

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