One Overlooked Emergency Kit Everyone Should Have

Prepping An Emergency Dental Kit

( – Few people actually enjoy going to the dentist. If anything, most seem to wait until we are in the utmost pain until we decide to venture to that office. You know, the place where some man sticks metal objects in your mouth, makes you spit in a tray, and says, “yep, that’s the problem.” The entire time, you lay there wondering what’s this going to cost and how much pain will you experience later.

Sad to say, we may not always be able to take our children there to have them examined. This is why it’s imperative to prep an emergency dental kit for when SHTF. A professional dentist or not, our children believe we can fix anything for them when they need it, and there is no guarantee they won’t need emergency dental care.

So, let’s take a look at the necessary items to include in the case of a dental emergency:

  • Cookie Tin or Old First Aid Box. Either of these items will work perfectly to hold the dental kit items.
  • Headset Light. This item will allow you to see inside the mouth but still have your hands free.
  • Dental Tools. A stainless steel oral care hygiene kit usually comes with picks, scrapers, tweezers, and a mirror. Great for personal and pet oral care use.
  • Rubber Gloves and Masks. To prevent infection of both patient and examiner.
  • Save-A-Tooth. You never know when a tooth may get knocked out and needs to be re-implanted.
  • Dentemp. Cement that is used to replace caps or fillings.
  • Cracked Tooth Repair Kit. Works on chipped, cracked, or broken teeth.
  • Blood Kit and Dental Sponges. These items will prevent a patient or person examining a patient from infection. Any bleeding needs to be stopped, and the mouth should be sanitized, and any injury located. Dental sponges are designed to clean up and absorb blood, and to aid in clotting blood.
  • Clove Oil, Benzocaine, Instant Cold Packs, and Ibuprofen. Pain relief for teeth, gums, and inflammation.
  • Dental First Aid Guide. An instructional book that gives details on the ways to treat different dental injuries and emergencies.

If you’re concerned that you may forget to add something to your dental kit, there’s always the option of buying a pre-packed kit. Just be sure to examine the contents, consider your family size, and supplement it with any additional items you may need.

Now that you have your emergency dental kit all prepped, how about your bug out vehicle. Have you taken the time to prep your vehicle with an emergency kit?

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