Aluminum Foil: A Versatile Survival Tool

Aluminum Foil… the Versatile Tool

( – We often overlook the usefulness that everyday objects can have aside from their intended purposes. For example, baking soda is great for cleaning not only your home, but your hair and teeth as well. Check out what you can do with aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil works great for more than cooking. In fact, aluminum foil has numerous survival uses. For example, you can wrap a small square of aluminum foil around your hook or weights when fishing. Light will reflect off of the foil and lure more fish to the hook.

Use foil to keep items like matches, tinder, food and other small objects dry or use sheets of foil to create a solar oven. Form several layers of aluminum foil around a stick and shape into a funnel. Remove the stick, and now you have a funnel.

In the event of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), you can use a Faraday cage to protect electronics from being affected. Aluminum foil allows you to make a Faraday cage in desperate times. Foil can even help you stay dry while you sleep; simply place a sheet under your sleeping bag to prevent ground moisture from seeping into your sleeping bag or your clothes.

Everyday items like aluminum foil can serve many purposes, so make sure to add some to your survival pack. Also, check out these everyday items you can use as discreet self-defense tools to carry on you anywhere you go.

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